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5 Reasons Dentists Must Take X-Rays

5 Reasons Dentists Must Take X-Rays

When a dentist needs more than a superficial analysis provided by an oral examination of your mouth, we utilize X-rays to check the teeth, bones, and tissues, along with the upper and lower jaw. This procedure can help the practitioner discover minor problems ahead of time, before they get a chance to develop into something severe. The American Dental Association advocates dental X-rays are a useful diagnostic tool when helping the dentist detect damages and diseases.

Dentists must employ X-rays for conditions including:

  1. Looking for decay between teeth – Generally the Bitewing X-ray is employed to uncover the proximity of the upper and lower posterior teeth, and to verify if decomposition is present.
  2. Checking for bone loss – A Periapical X-ray can show us where gingivitis and the advance cases of periodontal diseases such as pyorrhea have formed, which result in swollen infected pus pockets of the gum, as well as the deterioration of the bones supporting the teeth.
  3. Searching for decay under existing fillings – Although the Bitewing X-ray is normally used for spotting decay between teeth, it has its limitation, it is used mostly for exterior purposes. For detecting dental caries beneath current fillings, a laser florescent cavity wand is needed in conjunction with the Bitewing process. This device emits a pulsating laser light that reverberates off the tooth, producing a transparent florescent aspect to the enamel, which exposes the affected area.
  4. Looking for infection at the tip of your tooth root – Just like the Periapical X-ray, the Panoramic X-ray recognizes abnormalities of entities connected with oral health including abscesses, which can lead to Pulpitis, a pathological state within the soft inner area of the tooth. This disease is initiated by inflammation of the interior chamber of the tooth that spreads to the root tip embedded in the jaw.
  5. Examining area before procedures – such as braces, implants and tooth removal – The Panoramic X-ray is often used to take a picture of every angle of the jawbone. This medical apparatus revolves completely around the head; this helps us see if there are any problems before placing implants, braces or removing a tooth.

The X-ray is usually combined with a Computer Tomography scanner, also known as a CT scan. This instrument scans the density of the jawbone and the oral tissues. It then uses a computer to constructs a sequence of the cross-sections of the scan to create three-dimensional imagery. From these pictures, we can discern the health of the gums and make a decision on what are the best options for the patient.

Salt Lake City, Utah Dentist for the Whole Family

We at Village Dental offer Family and Cosmetic Dentistry as well as preventive care. For more than 50 years, we have provided quality and compassion dental services in the Salt Lake City area for your entire family. For more information about our specialties, please do not hesitate to visit us today at . Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be able to assist you with all your inquiries. Book an appointment with Village Dental today!


5 Reasons to Choose Village Dental

5 Reasons to Choose Village Dental

Village Dental Offers Family Dentistry in Salt Lake City, Utah

Looking for a new dentist can be stressful. You want to know that the professional you choose will not only be the best in the field, but will offer the full range of service for every type of patient in your family. Small children, for instance, need a dentist able to not only handle their dental needs but work gently with them so that they become comfortable during dental visits and never fear going to the dentist. Some adults, for that matter, are very uncomfortable with dental visits and it’s important for your overall health to make certain that your oral hygiene is always on track.

5 Reasons to Choose Village Dental to Care for Your Family’s Smiles

Highly Trained, Friendly Dental Staff

village-dental-salt-lake-city-dentistVillage Dental’s staff is highly trained. The excellent receptionist can assist with all of your appointments, making your visits comfortable and convenient. Village Dental’s hygienists and dental assistants are seasoned professionals who treat you with the care you deserve. At Village Dental, dentists and staff regularly participate in ongoing education events, such as conferences and lectures to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and newest procedures.

State of the Art Dental Facility

Built in 2015, Village Dental offers the latest in dental care in a convenient location. Dental patients were the primary concern from the beginning. That’s why the facility is equipped with a children’s waiting area complete with toys and activities, large parking area, and the finest equipment in each of the dental exam rooms.

Environmentally Friendly

Village Dental believes in environmentally friendly alternatives. You can expect the convenience of email and text reminders to keep you up to date on your next scheduled appointments.

Free Teeth Whitening For Life

utah dentist specialWhile striving to maintain healthy oral care for patients, Village Dental believes that a large part of the reason most people see a dentist is because they want an attractive, bright smile. They offer free teeth whitening treatments for regular patients to go along with their scheduled appointments because when your teeth look their best, you’ll smile more often and feel a lot better, too.

Personalized Dental Care

Each individual person is different. Your comfort level with dental work as well as your oral needs are not going to be exactly like another person. Patients are treated based on their individual needs to keep their teeth and gums as healthy as possible for the duration of their lives. Care might be as simple as bi-yearly cleanings and the occasional filling. For some, it might include restorative and cosmetic dentistry. For those who need long term procedures, Village Dental takes time to develop a plan of action with the patient so that they are the most comfortable with the procedures and know what to expect with their results. Whether your smile needs a complete overhaul, or you just need a dentist you can trust for regular cleanings and check ups, Village Dental offers care you can trust.

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