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Procedures for Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures and Treatments Series: Composite Bonding

A regular trip to the dentist is usually for cleaning, treating, and checking for any dental diseases a patient  may have. When we talk about cosmetic dentistry, this focuses on the aesthetic side of dentistry without sacrificing health and function.

Cosmetic Dentistry is known for giving back a patient’s confidence in their smile along with healthy white teeth, When patients visit their cosmetic dentist, it is usually elective rather than need, it also provides some restorative benefits if the situation calls for.

Dental Implants

Here I will talk in detail about some of the most used cosmetic procedures used in patients. First we have Composite Bonding. This is used when a patient has a chip, broken, or decayed tooth. A material called composite filling has a natural tooth color is applied in the area of the chipped tooth where it is molded, sculpt, and contoured into the tooth’s natural shape. It is then hardened with high intensity UV light. The end result will have the patient feeling if he ever had a chipped tooth due to its natural and smooth finish of Composite Bonding.

Another patient favorite treatment is teeth whitening, which is often confused with dental bleaching. Teeth whitening is able to remove stains that exist in your teeth and is able to bring back the natural whiteness and shine of your teeth giving you more confidence in your smile.

People have a misconception about teeth whitening and bleaching to be the same thing. They are very similar but not exactly the same procedure. With teeth whitening, it is the act of whitening the teeth by removing stains and debris. That is why simple brushing of your teeth can be under that treatment. While Bleaching uses chemicals that bleach and give your teeth that white natural color back.

Another common and highly recommended cosmetic procedure used for people who have lost their teeth or tooth is Dental Implants. This procedure could also fall under the category is prosthodontics but is considered as cosmetic treatment as well.

People who have missing teeth naturally feel a loss in their confidence to smile or even talk to other people. It also affects their daily functions of eating and biting into their food. By replacing their teeth with implants, it will give them a new found confidence and will ease their daily lifestyle.

Here is a few reasons why people lose their teeth:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Root Canal Failure
  • Gum Disease
  • Trauma To The Mouth
  • Wear And Tear
  • Congenital Factors

If you want find out for yourself if dental implants are required, you can visit your dentist, prosthodontist, or dental surgeon for a consultation. They conduct a detailed examination of your gums, teeth, and bone density and quantity. You can expect to have an x-ray or CT scan to make sure that there is sufficient bone structure to support the implants.

Getting teeth fixed through cosmetic dentistry can greatly increase confidence. If you feel that your loss teeth or discolored tooth is affecting the way you socialize, then maybe it’s time to make a change. Visit your dentist now to ask for your options.