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Adjusting to Dentures Takes Discipline and Hard Work


A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. Back in the 1850s, a material called Vulcanite is used to make it. Vulcanite is a hardened rubber into which porcelain teeth were placed. Today, dentists use acrylic resin and other plastic materials to customize dentures for their patients.

Here are the two types of dentures:

  •    Complete Dentures – this type can either be conventional or immediate. Conventional dentures are made after the teeth have been extracted and the gum tissues have healed. A patient can start using it eight to twelve weeks after his or her teeth have been removed. Immediate dentures, on the other hand, are fashioned by dentists in advance and can be used right after the teeth have been extracted.  
  •    Partial Dentures – this type consists of replacement teeth that are attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic base. Sometimes, a metal framework is used to hold it in place inside the mouth. Partial dentures are used to fill in the spaces created by missing teeth and at the same time prevent the others from shifting.

Losing teeth is never a pleasant thought. It is why you should take good care of your teeth. Daily brushing and flossing can go a long way. You’ll thank yourself when you get older.

Eating Tips After Getting a Denture

Eating is probably the most common concern among individuals who have dentures. It takes some time to adjust to the way the replacement teeth and support feel against your gums. You don’t have to worry about your dentures falling off while chewing if they are properly fitted in your mouth. Make sure that you put them snugly and comfortably in place. If you feel that your denture might fall off, let your dentist know right away so he or she can make the necessary adjustment. You can also practice eating at home before opting to eat out to avoid any mishap.

Speaking Tips After Getting a Denture

For first-time denture users, even speaking is a concern. You just have to practice at home until you get used to it. You can also read a book aloud. It will help you become accustomed to the way your dentures feel inside your mouth. Don’t forget to wear them as long as you’re supposed to, even if you’re just at home. Doing this can help you adjust quickly, and your dentures will feel natural in no time. Dentists also discourage patients from taking off their dentures for a long time because it can lead to infections and prolong the adjustment period.    

Always take care of your dentures. Aside from paying more money, you can develop serious dental illnesses if you fail to clean and maintain them. Regularly clean them with your toothbrush to remove film and particles of food. Also, don’t forget to clean your gums and mouth to avoid getting sores and other problems. If you need help positioning your dentures, give your dentist a call right away. He or she can give you tips until you get used to doing it every day.