Lost Fillings

Lost or Broken Fillings

A filling that has broken off or came out will require another restoration. Dental fillings do not last forever. In many cases, another filling will be bonded in place of the old worn out filling. The health of the tooth will indicate if another treatment may be needed.

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Temporary Filling Dentist – Taking The Necessary Steps For Better Oral health In Holladay, UT

Lost or Broken Fillings

Over time, all fillings will need to be replaced. Losing a filling happens due to wear and tear of the material. Or in some cases, decay has developed under the filling where may be undetected until the filling comes out. It’s important to visit a dentist right away. Ignoring the tooth leaves it susceptible to food debris, bacteria, decay, or infection.

Broken Tooth Filling – Careful Diagnosis For Better Treatment

When you visit the office, an x-ray may be done so the dentist can create a more effective treatment plan. The Dr will alway make every effort to save as much tooth structure as possible while ensuring strength and stability back on the tooth.

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