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How To Find The Kind Of Dentist That You Need?

How To Find The Kind Of Dentist That You Need?


The journey of finding the best dentist for you and your family must start with knowing the right field of dentistry suited for your needs. There are a lot of dentists from restorative dentistry professionals specializing in different fields. It would make the task way easier if you assess your needs first before looking for a dentist.

A family dentist is licensed to diagnose various oral conditions and address dental issues. Usually, a restorative dentistry practitioner is the first option for general oral concerns like cleaning, tooth extraction, and filling. However, when a need arises, you may be referred to specialized practitioners like a prosthodontist or an orthodontist for more complex procedures.

We know that looking for a dentist can be overwhelming, so here is a list of things to consider when finding a new dental home for your family.

Qualified Professionals

It is only basic to check whether or not the people offering the services are qualified for the job. Dental care is part of the overall health of your family. If one of your family members has dental health problems that require advanced treatment or procedures, look for a dental home with dental specialists. This way you can rest assured that your family gets comprehensive care.

Services Available

As mentioned, there are different types of dental fields, so this must be considered when choosing a restorative dentistry holladay specialists. Check the services offered by the team as well as assess if they have all the necessary technology to perform the tasks. If you are looking to enhance your smile, make sure to find a clinic which offers a variety of aesthetic treatments like composite fillings, veneers, porcelain crowns, and teeth whitening.

It is important to note that not all dentists offer the same line of treatments to patients. While general dentists only work on the basic dental care, there are other specialists who are capable of providing more complex dental procedures. Also, dentists may differ with the brand of products and treatment approaches.

Specialized dentists may not be able to work with young patients. So, if you are planning to bring the whole family, ask the dentist if he is able to care for a child’s oral care.


Dentists do not have all they need in that one dental chair. Dental x-ray machines, for instance, are necessary especially for major oral issues. Over the years, digital technologies have dramatically improved the quality of health care. However, large doses of dental x-ray radiation can lead to oral cancer, so always choose dentists that have alternative equipment for a single purpose.

Friendly staff

For most people, a dental appointment is unnerving. A friendly staff can make the whole experience better. It would also make it easier in case there are changes on the appointments. You may not know exactly the quality of the service you will be getting, but you can determine the kind of working atmosphere just by the staff.

Patient care

Most of the time people find ways to avoid taking trips to their dentists. The mere thought of getting an appointment brings anxiety and stress to patients. It is necessary to communicate this to your dentist and discuss approaches to make the visit as comfortable as possible. A lot of dentists are aware of this so most of them offer sedation dentistry, while some use unorthodox ways like music to help calm their patients during a procedure.

Take time to do a little research before making a choice. If your needs are within the general oral care concerns then a general dentist will work perfectly for you. For other more complex procedure like cosmetic or restorative treatments, it is necessary to find a dentist who is qualified for the task, but at the same time able to make the experience comfortable. Remember, a healthy mouth contributes a lot to a person’s wellbeing.


Smoking Can Lead To Dental Implant Failure; Here’s Why?

Smoking Can Lead To Dental Implant Failure; Here’s Why?

Smoking is one hard habit to break, so it would definitely help if you think about the many reasons that will motivate you to quit the habit. For example, health reasons like veering away from possibilities of any oral surgery failure, cardiovascular disease or cancer may provide the push you need.

Another good reason to quit smoking is oral care. Remember, contents from cigarettes are not healthy for the gums and teeth. If you are getting a dental restoration procedure, it is best to keep your gums healthy. Smoking may present risks of failure for dental procedures like implants.

What are the effects of smoking on dental implants?

Dental implants require a steady regular flow of blood in order to heal quickly, however, the nicotine content of cigarettes can reduce the amount of blood flow. Smoking hinders the ability of the gums to recover quickly after the dental implant procedure from oral surgery according to Oral Surgery Holladay professionals.

The smoke you inhale can also damage the tissues surrounding your mouth, which could lead to a thickening of the topmost layer of the cells. Study also shows that smoke may damage the salivary glands, causing dry mouth. When this happens, there will be lack of necessary fluid to flush out bacteria.

Most dentists refuse implant procedures amongst heavy smokers because cigarettes can lead to weak teeth and gums. Dentists would also check on the underlying jawbone because it has to be in the best condition to support the implant.

Why dental implants do not go along with smoking?

The act of inhaling smoke may burn and damage the sensitive topmost layer of your mouth’s skin, which overtime could lead to the thickening of your mouth’s skin cells. When the skin is thickened, it may affect the cellular activities of the salivary glands causing less saliva production. If there is no sufficient amount of saliva in the oral cavity, risks of gum diseases and tooth decay will increase. Unhealthy gums may lead to bone loss making it difficult for the oral surgery to be successful.

Nicotine, one of the contents of cigarettes, is responsible for a person’s craving for smoking. It may not be the direct cause for cancer, but it significantly affects blood flow. The mouth has numerous tiny vessels which carry and distribute blood to various tissues.

Nicotine buildup can block the healthy flow of blood. When tissues do not receive enough blood, they will lack the necessary antibodies that is needed for healing and fighting infection. When this is the case, it could interfere with the integration process of the bone and the dental implant.

Smoking is also associated with other health conditions like cancer, lung, and cardiovascular diseases. The use of tobacco can greatly increase the risk of developing systemic conditions which could impact oral health. It could also trigger inflammation that will affect other parts of the body like your mouth in case a dental implant procedure has been performed.

Remember, pipe smoking poses greater risks compared to cigarette smoking because this makes use of higher temperature. The temperature factor will cause more damage to both the skin cells of the mouth and the jawbone.

Smoking is known to be detrimental to one’s health. It is not only making dental implants difficult but also causes various oral conditions. Bone loss, tooth loss, peri-implantitis, periodontal disease and tissue loss are also just some of what it can bring to the body. So, if you are looking for a motivation to quit smoking, think of its risks and compare it with the advantages you will gain from leaving the habit behind. It does not only have to be for dental implants; it should be for the benefit of your overall health.


Nina Dobrev, David Archuleta, Lebron James Afraid Of Dentists?

Oral care is a part of everyone’s overall health. The regular visits to the dentist are vital, yet many individuals avoid making these trips for a lot of reasons. It is necessary for each person to identify these reasons in order for them to find a dentist who will be able to provide the care they need without making them feel uncomfortable in any way.

One of the common reasons why people avoid dentists is the fear of pain. Past experiences may have been uncomfortable, which have led them to associate pain with dental visits. Dentists from family dentistry Holladay are aware of this, which is why they are implementing gentle and comfortable care approach with patients. All these are to make sure that pain management techniques are used appropriately.

Another reason why people hate visiting their dentist is the fear of getting a lengthy lecture while sitting helplessly on the dental chair. Surely, no one would like to make an appointment to get a scolding.

In the United States alone, statistics show that 75% of the population is terrified of dentists. If there is a way to avert these trips then they would definitely do it until they ran out of choices. In fact, a lot of today’s biggest celebrities may seem tough and fearless on screen, but shudder at the thought of a dental appointment.

“The Vampire Diaries” Nina Dobrev

She had to have her wisdom teeth pulled in 2011. She admitted being nervous about the whole process and that it was not at all fun for her.

“American Idol” David Archuleta

You might think that since he had been through nerve wracking experiences, dental visits would just be a breeze. In 2009, he reached out to his followers on YouTube to get support as well as advice for a wisdom teeth extraction. He admitted that this made him nervous. However, we’d like to assure David that it is completely understandable to feel scared especially when going through a major procedure.

NBA star, Lebron James

The huge basketball star once posted on Instagram a photo depicting his fear of the dentist. In the photo, there are hands holding numerous tools, while reaching into his mouth. He even had it captioned with a line asking for help. Even with his massive size, standing at 6’8” tall, he too has dental fears.

“Friends” Jennifer Aniston

As one of those who suffer from dental anxiety, Jennifer reached out to her dentist when she needed to have her teeth molds made. Her dentist used an unusual technique to calm her during the procedure. The dentist used music as a way to relieve the anxiety of his patients.

“Shut-Up” singer Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne may have been accustomed to being in the limelight as the daughter of the famous couple Ozzy and Sharon, but she suffers from dental phobia. Prior to getting a filling, she posted on her Twitter account about getting over her fear of dentists. After the procedure, she also tweeted a line thanking her dentist.

Dental fear or dental anxiety is not something to be ashamed about. However, this definitely needs to be resolved in order to ensure overall health care. Even celebrities go through the same fears, yet they found a way to conquer it. For one, getting support and advice from people who care for you is helpful. Looking for a dentist from family dentistry experts who understands your fear and finds a way to make any procedure a good experience is extremely important.


5 Secrets To Keeping Excellent Dental Health With Braces

One of the ways to correct misaligned teeth is through dental braces, although it is also being used in correcting bites as well as for cosmetic reasons. When teeth are misaligned, it can affect the person’s speech ability and may bring jaw pain. It can also cause sleep apnea, clenching of teeth, difficulty of chewing and the possibilities of gum diseases. With the use of braces from emergency dental services experts, teeth can be straightened by applying pressure on it for a certain time, depending on the severity of the case.

In most cases, braces must be worn for not lower than two years and within this period the patient is responsible for proper caring of the braces to avoid further oral health risks. So, how do you exactly take care of dental braces?

Choose what you eat.

Unlike other people who wear no dental tools, there should be extra consideration when you have dental braces. Sweets and colored drinks may cause yellowing stains around your equipment or on your teeth. Make sure to avoid hard-to-chew food and choose soft food instead to avoid damaging your equipment.

Floss – make it a habit.

If you haven’t taken this recommendation from emergency dental services Holladay experts prior to having your braces, you need to make this a habit before brushing your teeth. Some food may get stuck in hard-to-reach places which floss can easily take out for you. Super floss is one good brand available in the market. You can use this to rub up and down your teeth to remove plaque and other bacteria.

Rinse with mouthwash.

The metal braces may irritate the gums which could result to inflammation. Rinse with mouthwash after flossing your teeth. It helps in flushing out bacteria and prevents plaque build-up around the brackets. Clean gums contribute to faster healing of the inflammation and prevent diseases from developing within the oral cavity. Also, do not forget to rinse with water before and after eating or drinking anything sweet.

Consider buying an electric toothbrush.

The ordinary plastic toothbrush can clean your teeth but with metal brackets, brushing may seem more challenging. It would be good to use an electric toothbrush to make the job easier. Food particles can easily accumulate around the braces providing an environment for bacteria to thrive. Thorough brushing is required in cleaning every nook. Proxabrush, a mini-toothbrush specially made for hard to reach places, may be added into your brushing regimen.

Keep your gums healthy.

Brushing for two minutes is already acceptable in terms of quality brushing. However, your gums would require more than 2-minute brushing to keep it healthy. Floss regularly and properly by cleaning the gaps between teeth as well as the gap between the gums and root of the teeth. There are different types of floss in the market. Choose a dental floss which works perfectly with braces. Then rinse with mouthwash before proceeding to brush your teeth thoroughly.

Maintaining braces requires time and conscious efforts. It is crucial to consider these tips so you can achieve the perfect smile while keeping your gums healthy within the two-year period of wearing those metal brackets.

Oral care is essential not just while on dental braces but also for your well-being as a whole. The wires and brackets can easily attract bacteria if not kept clean. An unhealthy mouth may lead to infection, bad breath or even contribute to other diseases like diabetes or heart diseases.

Good dental care is vital in achieving healthy oral cavity and keeping oneself unsusceptible to more complex health risks.


Why Professional Teeth Whitening Procedures Are Better Than OTC Aids?

Numerous teeth whitening brands and promos took the shelves of most local stores in the recent years as shown on tv commercials every night. However, these products also came with shortcomings when stories about unhappy consumers that bought a whitening product that failed to provide an impressive result surfaced. Based on the result of a consumer survey, an average consumer spends between $200 to $300 every year on teeth whitening products that can be purchased over the counter, yet still not satisfied with the result.

Teeth whitening is one of the most widely-used treatments in cosmetic dentistry. However, the instant result will depend on several factors. Nevertheless, in-office whitening has been considered the safest way to improve your smile. So if you fancy about having a set of stain-free teeth, try this type of treatment offered by the cosmetic dentistry in Holladay Utah.

Cosmetic dentistry in Holladay understands how dental issues can affect your social, professional, and even personal relationships. That said, seek only the most reliable teeth whitening procedure, including the gel whitening products recommended by only the professional dental practitioners.

Offers Stronger, More Complete Whitening

For those who prefer that feeling of an expert cleaning over the common dental hygiene practice of using a toothbrush and a toothpaste, this is definitely noticeable. In fact, they are aware that each whitening session at the dental office provides them with a whiter and better result. But to deal with a moderate to severe discoloration or stain and for a more complete whitening, professional teeth whitening treatment can beat any over-the-counter product, which potency addresses only the light stains.

Improves Self Confidence

Self-confidence is vital in our daily lives. Some people get this confidence from their smile and the good impression its give to others. Naturally, having stained teeth would make people feel less confident when smiling, talking to others, and especially when taking photos. But with a whiter set of teeth, all these will suddenly change as they will find a new reason to go out, have fun, be more professional, and be more confident.

Based on research, our smile has a huge part in how others see us upon first meeting. Because a smile can show white teeth, and first impressions last, there is a greater chance of making a good, lasting impression than those with stained teeth.

Offers More Comfortable and Safer Remedy

Teeth whitening products that are sold over the counter may cause serious damage to the gum tissue in the mouth. Such can be painful and make the teeth become sensitive to some food and drinks. But with a professional teeth whitening treatment, you get a safer and more comfortable remedy, which only an expert in this type of procedure can offer, closely checking the progress throughout the whole process. In addition, the concentration and amount of the whitening agent could be adjusted to ensure that your gums and mouth are protected. Also, you get to have instructions on how to properly care for your teeth, including how to prevent tooth sensitivity.

For a fast teeth whitening treatment, trust only a professional who can provide you with a beautiful smile even for just an hour. There’s no need for a series of sessions that other whitening methods require. You also get more reliable results and long-lasting home maintenance care for a very reasonable price.


Tips on Managing Your Child’s Fear of the Family Dentistry

WHILE regular dental visits are recommended at least twice a year for cleaning, oral exam, and other preventive measures, most kids perceive the idea as a threat. At their tender age, these young innocent souls don’t fully realize yet the importance of keeping a good dental hygiene. If your child is afraid of going to the dentist, here are a few tips that should help them overcome their fear:

  1. Make your kid understand. Talk to him in the most gentle manner to make him understand the importance of visiting to the dentist. Stir up his imagination by painting the dentist as a superhero fighting off the villains that are the cavities and the germs in his mouth. Assure your child that it would be easy, fast and painless. Most of all, be patient through this process. Family dentistry in Holladay, Utah promises to give your child the best dental experience possible.  
  2. Promise a reward. Tried and tested approach to lure your kids to the dentist is to promise a reward right after. You could promise to buy him anything he’d ask. Make sure you stick to it to keep him coming back to the dentist when the need arises.
  3. Recognize your child’s braveness after. After going through the procedure, pat your child for a job well done. Praise him for his courage and braveness as this would boost his confidence and would keep him coming back for more. Tell him that he is also a superhero for helping the dentist fight off the cavities.

With a push of optimism, teaching your kids the benefits of maintaining dental health at an early age wouldn’t be too hard, including regular dental checkups. After all, going to the dentist should not have to be so scary.

Eventually, the process would not be a tug of war anymore as this would develop into a habit. And when he’s grown up, you probably wouldn’t have to remind him about it anymore as he would do it on his own. Plus, it would create a domino-effect when your child would become the parent already. He’d know exactly what to do!


When Is Your Child’s First Dental Visit?

Often, parents wait until their kids are older before making an appointment for their first dental visit. Generally, when a child receives his first tooth, it is already an indication that he is ready for a dental exam. However, many of us had to wait until our child turns one year old to setup appointment for his first family dentistry checkup.

One common mistake parents make is waiting for their children to develop dental habits before taking them to a dentist. It is important to remember that children must be able to visit a dentist at an early age, preferably as soon as they have their first tooth, to ensure that the dentist and the parents can help and guide them develop healthy oral habits. At this early stage, the dentist can already identify problems in the oral cavity. The checkup, as a whole, can prevent dental issues as they age.

Nurture their curiosity all the time.

Children are always curious about new things in their surroundings and in their bodies. Start by educating them about their mouth and teeth, while talking about what they can do with it. Simply asking them to identify these parts in their bodies is a good start for very young child. Also, let them understand the differences between the bad and healthy dental habits.

How to prepare for your child’s first dental visit?

Some parents take their kids to the same dentist they visit. While this is fine, just remember that there are dentists who specialize in pediatric dental care.

Parents should go with family dentistry clinics for pediatric care when planning their child’s dental exam. Taking them to your own dentist may be convenient for you, but not the best option for your child. Pediatric dentists can make your child’s first visit, if not memorable, the most pleasant. These dental professionals are experts on providing comfort and fun experience for kids and will eventually develop a positive relationship towards his dentist.

Help them prepare themselves.

There are a lot of educational books and TV shows where kids can learn more about their bodies. Prior to their scheduled appointment, have them watch helpful kids’ shows featuring dental health care or visit YouTube online.  You can also read them a picture book about smile or oral care.

Teach them basic oral hygiene.

Your home is the first place where your children learn about good oral hygiene. As parents, promote a positive attitude towards taking care of their teeth and teach them the importance of keeping both teeth and gums healthy. While many parents fear their dental visits, make sure to keep this to yourselves and not show them to your children.

Make it a comfortable experience.

Since it is your child’s first dental exam, plan a pleasing trip for him. A little special effort like getting him a toy as a token will do him good. You can also take him to the ice cream shop after the visit as a reward.

Allow him to take some reinforcements with him.

Children will feel more comfortable when they are with their best buddies. Allow your child to choose a buddy whether a friend or his favorite toy to act as reinforcement.

As parents, you play a vital role in this important appointment. Make sure to have a plan and choose a pediatric dentist from family dentistry professionals. Your child’s first dental exam will determine his attitude towards oral hygiene.


5 Things To Consider When Looking For The Right Dentist?

Do you know exactly what things to look for when planning to see a dentist? If you are on a journey to finding the best dentist for your family, here is a list of the most important things to consider.

Searching for a new dentist for emergency dental services has to be done with utmost care. The individual will play an important role in your well-being as a whole, so it is extremely important to find a “dental home” for you and the rest of the members of the family according to Dr. Cathy Taylor-Osborne, an ADA dentist from Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Bureau of Oral Health director.

The dental home that you will find will be a place of comfort and security when it comes to dental health care. More than anything else, the regular visits and emergency appointments to your dentist should be a pleasant experience for the whole family.

Does the office offer convenience?

The first thing to consider when looking for a new dentist is to check whether he can offer both convenience and benefits. Location is of utmost importance, especially when emergency situations arise. Make sure to find a clinic not far from where you live; perfectly accessible enough when visits are needed. Also look for a dentist who is a member of ADA and who offers convenient office hours. Since doctor-patient relationship is vital, find a dentist who can communicate clearly even to children. If your company provided you with dental benefits, check if the dentist is within your network.

Is he of good reputation?

Finding licensed dental professionals is quite easy; however picking one with good reputation could be a challenge. You can check the dentist’s reputation online to check his practice history. Also, you can do a little search on the patient’s feedback on how their experience was with the dentist.

Is the staff friendly?

You may not know how the procedure would go, but you can determine the quality of service from the treatment you receive from the staff. A responsive and friendly staff will make appointments and visits more comfortable. The appointment process should be stress-free as well as the billing and possible rescheduling of visits.

Are the services budget-friendly?

Before making a decision, make sure you have checked your insurance coverage program. Remember, the cost must not hinder you from getting quality dental health care. If you do not have insurance, you can look for dental discount programs instead.

What are the services offered?

It is like going to the grocery, you want to make sure you get to buy every item on your list within the same store. In choosing a dentist, determine the services offered by his office and make sure that he can perform other important procedures like cosmetic dentistry services. The dental office should be able to cater to all dental care services.

It does not have to be difficult. You may have a list of criteria on your own, which may include the volume of patients or the practice history. Take these things into consideration when looking for a dentist for emergency dental services for your family.


What To Do With Tooth Discoloration?


Tooth discoloration is a common struggle among dental patients of cosmetic dentistry services. It is a common problem that everyone will have to face at some point in their lifetime. Stains may have been acquired from a damaged pulp or a facial trauma. However, the main cause for this problem is lifestyle habits. Bad oral hygiene like failing to floss, not brushing after meals, and the excessively using mouthwash can cause tooth discoloration. The kind of food and drink you consume on a regular basis, frankly, can affect the quality of your smile.

Tooth discoloration may be reduced by carefully selecting the food you eat and the beverages you drink. Some common liquids at home may be slowly working against you like coffee, dark-colored drinks like coke, tea, vinegar, and wine. If you can also avoid candies, berries, and pasta sauce then you might be able to keep the color of your teeth. To those who are having a hard time preventing discoloration from happening, treatment is available to restore the color of your teeth.

What are some home remedies for tooth discoloration?

While over-the-counter items are available to treat tooth discoloration, some common home products can also be used. Contrary to claims that somehow prove that they are effective, a lot of these products pose more harm than treat the problem. Most of these home whitening treatments contain powerful chemicals that can cause permanent damage if used without proper guidance. As simple as leaving a whitening liquid on your teeth for too long may damage your enamel and further cause permanent stains.

What are dental office whitening?

The safest way to face this ordeal is to take it to the professionals in the field. Although a lot of whitening products are available in the market, it is best to consult your dentist who is more experienced in this matter. Getting an appointment with them ensures that you get the most effective product under the expert supervision of a professional dental health care provider. Dentists, prior to doing the procedure, will examine the situation carefully so they can restore the color according to your specification. While home remedies promise results after regular application, an hour spent under your dentist’s care may already show brightened teeth.

How does it work?

Tooth discoloration is a permanent stain. During a teeth whitening procedure, the teeth will be polished to be free from plaque. A bleaching solution will then be used to coat over the tooth’s front surface. Either laser or curing light will be used to activate the peroxide with the entire procedure taking up to at least 60 minutes.

Once specified shade has been achieved, the tooth will be washed with water to cleanse it from the solution then fluoride will be applied. The process of tooth whitening may bring sensitivity issues to patients, although it can be remedied with fluoride application.

A perfect white smile has an impact bigger than we think they do. Did you know that a smile can already be identified from as far as 300 feet away and is the most recognizable expression of the face? Make sure you are wearing the best smile, ask help from the experts of cosmetic dentistry.


When Is Dental Sedation A Must?

Planning a trip to a dental clinic can be stressful for most people. In fact, it is extremely common to hear about people dreading to visit dentist. Many of these stories can be traced back to their first visit as a child, which was not at all pleasant. For some people, a simple regular check up can bring anxiety and stress and prefer to live in pain rather than visit a dentist for oral surgery. Without a doubt, this will put their oral health at risk. Neglecting or skipping dental services out of fear can bring serious consequences like oral infection, gum diseases, tooth decay, and even tooth loss.

Health professionals see this as a critical problem for those who are diabetic and those with other serious conditions like heart problems. The buildup of bacteria may cause inflammation and further affect other systems of the body. So, how do you know if you are a candidate for oral sedation dentistry?

  1.    Dental visits make you anxious.

One obvious candidate for oral sedation dentistry is a person who dreads a dental exam. As mentioned above, it is not uncommon to hear about people getting extremely anxious when visiting their dentist. In fact, 15% of Americans are avoiding dental visits because of fear and anxiety. If you are under the same situation, you are an excellent candidate for oral sedation. The procedure will help you go through the whole ordeal without pain and no sounds of dental drills. However, you will be conscious enough to respond when needed.

  1.    The dentist’s office bothers you.

For some people, the smell of things used inside the dentist’s office make them uncomfortable. Others may even have gag reflexes over the sound of drills. Scenarios as this is one of the reasons why people tend to avoid their appointments. Oral sedation will help turn this experience into a pleasant one.

  1.    It has always been a painful experience in the past.

There are people born with sensitive gums and trips to the dentist may bring anxiety due to the memories of pain during the past visits. Others associate dental appointments to pain thus making efforts to avoid another visit. You may discuss the possibility of oral sedation with your dentist on your next appointment.

  1.    You want to stay conscious but without pain.

Oral sedation is your best option. It is strong enough to take away the feeling of pain, but keep you conscious during the procedure. It is a moderate type of anesthesia, which does not totally knock you out.

  1.    You need a complex procedure.

Many people can tolerate a little discomfort and shrug off a bit of pain during dental visits. It is the long procedures that make them fear their next visit. If you are scheduled for a complex procedure which could take longer period of time, you can discuss oral sedation with your dentist prior to your schedule.

There is nothing to be anxious about when getting an appointment with your dentist. Oral sedation during oral surgery is made available to assist and make every dental visit as comfortable as possible.