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Why Invisalign Is Better Than Traditional Dental Braces?



Do you have a perfect smile? A good set of healthy teeth is essential to be able to smile with a load of confidence. Although, there is nothing to worry about now that technology and experts from village dental services are offering state of the art restorative procedures. A few decades ago, professionals came up with an option to correct misaligned teeth. Recently, advances in technology brought new options like invisalign instead of the traditional braces.

The use of braces is still a popular option. The technique makes use of brackets, which are connected together through wires. The wires will slowly pull the teeth to the desired direction over a period of time, while the brackets are made fashionable in different colors of metal and plastic materials.

Invisalign, an example of orthodontic aligners, on the other hand, is a custom-made retainer. It works the same way. The tooth is pulled slowly to change its position and reach the desired direction. It is far more convenient though compared to braces as it can be removed anytime. These can also be made transparent to make them somewhat invisible

and does not make use of brackets or wires to work. So, overtime, the direction of your teeth will be shifted to the desired position to produce that perfect smile.

Virtually Invisible

Traditional braces are effective in correcting your smile. However, many are put off by the metal brackets and wires. Although it is only worn for a specified period of time, some still feel uncomfortable about it. Orthodontic aligners like Invisalign are almost invisible making its wearer confident about the whole treatment.

It is the best option for professionals who do not want to distract their business partners with their braces. Aligners perform their function of correcting crooked teeth to create a perfect smile without the awkward stares.

Mouth Protection

The desire to correct misaligned teeth must not compromise the health of your oral cavity as a whole. Since Invisalign does not use brackets and wires, it is considered gentle to the wearer’s mouth and lips. It is like wearing a smooth plastic tray shaped to fit your teeth at every angle. Only a little discomfort, but it can be removed anytime if you need to floss or brush.

Faster Outcome

Another advantage of aligners is their ability to deliver results faster compared to traditional braces. You can set an appointment with your dentist once every 6 weeks to have your teeth examined and make sure that there is progress, so another set of aligners will be provided to complete the whole treatment. Each set has to be worn for two weeks or could be longer depending on the case before it will be replaced. The average treatment period is between 9-14 months.

Convenience Without Restrictions

Traditional braces can limit some of your activities for safety reasons. With Invisalign from village dental experts, there is no restriction on your food, activities, and does not even pose as hassle when using medical devices like MRI