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Tips on Managing Your Child’s Fear of the Family Dentistry


WHILE regular dental visits are recommended at least twice a year for cleaning, oral exam, and other preventive measures, most kids perceive the idea as a threat. At their tender age, these young innocent souls don’t fully realize yet the importance of keeping a good dental hygiene. If your child is afraid of going to the dentist, here are a few tips that should help them overcome their fear:

  1. Make your kid understand. Talk to him in the most gentle manner to make him understand the importance of visiting to the dentist. Stir up his imagination by painting the dentist as a superhero fighting off the villains that are the cavities and the germs in his mouth. Assure your child that it would be easy, fast and painless. Most of all, be patient through this process. Family dentistry in Holladay, Utah promises to give your child the best dental experience possible.  
  2. Promise a reward. Tried and tested approach to lure your kids to the dentist is to promise a reward right after. You could promise to buy him anything he’d ask. Make sure you stick to it to keep him coming back to the dentist when the need arises.
  3. Recognize your child’s braveness after. After going through the procedure, pat your child for a job well done. Praise him for his courage and braveness as this would boost his confidence and would keep him coming back for more. Tell him that he is also a superhero for helping the dentist fight off the cavities.

With a push of optimism, teaching your kids the benefits of maintaining dental health at an early age wouldn’t be too hard, including regular dental checkups. After all, going to the dentist should not have to be so scary.

Eventually, the process would not be a tug of war anymore as this would develop into a habit. And when he’s grown up, you probably wouldn’t have to remind him about it anymore as he would do it on his own. Plus, it would create a domino-effect when your child would become the parent already. He’d know exactly what to do!