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Dental health can seem mysterious at times. Depending on who I speak with, I get a different set of advice about how to best take care of my teeth. Some recommend fluoride, others do not. Most recommend no processed sugars, but a dentist near me recommends avoiding even natural sugars like fruit and juice. It is hard to find a specific guideline for dental care, but there was a recent study done on the effects of eating certain types of cheese. It seems cheese could be very beneficial for my dental health.

Most of us know that cheese (and dairy in general) contains plenty of calcium, but I did not know that cheese can actually remineralize the surface of my teeth. In the study mentioned above by Dows Institute for Dental Research, people who ate only one cube of cheese showed an enormous increase in tooth strength. Cheese is full of mineral boosting components that help to harden the teeth and strengthen the enamel. Enamel is what protects teeth and can be destroyed over time by things like aggressive brushing and too much sugar. Considering the fact that most of us eat sugar, we could all use a little enamel boost for our teeth. Eating cheese will harden my teeth, meaning it will basically create a forcefield against bad bacteria from the foods I eat and the drinks I consume. If my enamel is worn down, it will do a bad job of keeping the bacteria out of the insides of my teeth, resulting in cavities and possible infections. So I think I’ll have some cheese for dinner. But who really needs an excuse to eat cheese? I know I don’t.

Of course, there are tons of different types of cheese, so which ones are the best for my teeth? Apparently swiss cheese, gouda cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, bleu cheese, and brie cheese are the best choices when it comes to strengthening my teeth. (But adding healthy food does not mean I should skip a visit to a dentist near me. That is still a necessary habit to keep up with in order to ensure dental health.)

Many of us have removed dairy from our diets altogether under the impression that it is bad for our digestive systems and overall health. But in reality, good oral health can drastically increase the health of the rest of our systems, including the heart. If something is good for my teeth, it is probably good for the rest of my body in moderation as well. Likewise, if a dentist near me tells me that a certain food is to be avoided for dental health, it is probably not the best for the rest of my body either.

If you have cut out dairy from your diet, it may be time to reconsider. Adding a little bit of the cheeses listed above here and there can drastically strengthen and harden your teeth, leading to better overall oral health and total health. If I take care of my mouth, the rest of my body will thank me.