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Improving Your Quality of Life with Dental Implants

If you have had to experience the extraction of any natural teeth you know how even the loss of one tooth can make it hard to eat, speak or smile. Dental practices have made it possible for many people to have the best possible oral health, but there are still times when tooth extractions are necessary. According to research estimates, seventy percent of adults in America ages 35 to 44 have at least one tooth missing from their original set of teeth. It is important to consider how just one missing tooth can affect your quality of life. Lifelong tooth replacement choices are better now than they ever have been. One of the most reliable and life changing options is the dental implant.

Dental implants are, essentially, prosthetic teeth that are set in place within the jawbone as a replacement for the natural tooth. The prosthetic tooth is place exactly into the gum space left by the removed tooth. This is something you can do in place of a crown or removable denture. Once the prosthetic teeth are embedded into the jaw, the bone will grow around the prosthetic and create a strong anchor and lifelong stability.

Dental implants are reliable and strong when they are correctly placed into the jaw bone. It is the direct contact within the jaw bone that promotes needed bone growth around the prosthetic implants. The formal term for this fundamental process is osseointegration and is essential to the success of the dental implant. The amazing thing is that, once the implant is fully embedded within the jaw bone, optimal use of the missing teeth has been fully restored as if the teeth had never been removed.

There are several reasons it makes sense to choose dental implants. Once reason may be the you are tired of not being able to eat or speak properly. Eating and chatting are important components to a healthy social life. Having those things impaired can create problems with feeling isolated and depressed. You may also be fed up with uncomfortable dentures that make it possible to eat and talk, but are uncomfortable and ill fitting. You may also feel like your face just does not look the same without your natural teeth. Natural teeth help to fill out the jawline and create the facial features which are an essential part of your identity. It may finally be the time for you to invest in that long-term, durable solution to dental problem you have managed for so long.

Dental implants are the most popular tooth replacement solution over the traditional bridge or other artificial, removable dentures. There are several reasons this is true. Dental implants are the best option for fully restoring your beautiful smile that is such an important part of everyday life. Additionally, dental implants are intended to last a lifetime and do not require any anchoring to adjacent teeth. This means it’s a durable, lasting solution designed to restore your natural set of teeth without the hassle or further breakdown or infection. Another great aspect of dental implants is that you can go back to eating all the foods you loved without any restriction since your new implants will be strong enough to chew on whatever you want to eat. Last, but not least, are the comfort and convenience factors. It is nice to be able to take care of your oral hygeine just like you used to without the need for bridge or denture removal. It is also a great benefit to forego the hassle of constantly inflamed and irritated gums created by the use of removable dentures.

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