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Over 3/4 of Americans are afraid to visit the dentist. Many have had traumatic experiences, while others just simply do not like the idea of someone putting unfamiliar tools in their mouth. Whether you have made an appointment and your anxiety is building up, or you just simply cannot get yourself to make an appointment, you are not alone. However, dental visits are important, so it’s vital for your teeth that you work through your fears and get yourself into a Salt Lake City dentist as soon as possible. This article was written to help you understand dental phobia and what it stems from, as well as how to overcome the fear that keeps you out of the cleaning chair.

Most Americans have their very first dental experience at a fairly young age. Children are naturally cautious, so any slip in the dentist’s office can scar them for life. Whether it’s a cavity fill or an accidental scrape of the gums with the cleaning pick, children do not forget the pain they feel at the dentist’s office. The fear drags on into adulthood, leaving people unwilling to properly care for their teeth.

Aside from the pain that many experience at the dentist, people also really dislike the lack of control of their own bodies while in the dental chair. As humans, we naturally protect our open air passages. Being without control keeps many away from the dentist’s office. But avoiding dental care is bound to catch up with you sooner or later. Here are some helpful tips to motivate your trip to a Salt Lake City dentist today.

1. Ask all the questions you have. 
Unanswered questions can cause a lot of anxiety. Make sure to ask the Salt Lake City dentist all questions you have regarding treatment so that you know what to expect when you sit down in the cleaning chair.

2. Do not be afraid to take a breather. 
If needed, know that you have the freedom to pause treatment to give yourself a minute to recuperate. Whether it is a wave or a grunt, tell your dentist that you will be using a stop signal to let him know if you are too uncomfortable to continue.

3. Visit the dentist as often as possible. 
Although it seems counterproductive, routine visits to the dentist for cleanings will likely keep you away from the dentist for the painful stuff. Also, the more often you get out of your comfort zone, the more your comfort zone will expand.

4. Establish a relationship with your dentist. 
Having an open conversation with your dentist and establishing a relationship will help to ease a bit of the anxiety you feel before your visit. Become friends and relax!

With the tips listed above, you should feel equipped to overcome your fear of dental visits and take proper care of your teeth. Gum disease, oral cancer, cavities, and infections can all be prevented and treated at your dentist’s office, so make your appointment soon! Your mouth will thank you later!