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Dental Anesthesia

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Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Do you cringe in fear at the thought of having your next dental appointment? Are you scared of seeing your dentist?

No you can now erase your fears! Village Dental’s Anesthesia Services will give you an anxiety-free and safe dental experience.

Dental Local Anesthesia

– Say Hello to Your New Best Friend

Before a dental procedure takes place, we’ll give you an anesthesia to numb your pain. The most approach is local anesthesia which is injected in the area where the surgery is about to be performed. When we use local anesthesia, you’ll totally conscious and aware of the course of action that is taking place. We normally provide local anesthesia if you’re undergoing simple procedures like tooth extraction or filling a tooth.

The process is as follows:

  • The dentist will pat dry part of your mouth with a cotton ball
  • He’ll swab the area with a gel to numb the surface
  • Then he’ll inject an anesthetic drug into your cheek or gum
  • Finally, he’ll perform the dental procedure

After the procedure, you won’t be able to feel your mouth and will not be able to eat for a few hours. The effects of the local anesthesia can last for hours—don’t worry, it’ll wear off.

Anesthesia Dentist:

Your Tooth Fairy in a White Suit

We have an experienced and well-trained staff that is dedicated to catering to your anesthetic needs. Our dentists will help you relax during your procedure and ensure that you go through it safe and pain-free.

So relax, close your eyes, and just let your tooth fairy work his magic!

Afraid of Needles?

Oral Anesthesia

is for You!

If you’re afraid of needles, Oral Anesthesia may be the best treatment option for you. This doesn’t need an injection; rather, it is given orally.

An oral anesthesia can be administered:

  • Orally—the drug is swallowed as a whole, or
  • Sublingually—the drug is placed under the tongue and dissolves

Oral sedation can range from light to moderate—depending on the type of drug and the dosage that we dentist give you.

  • Light sedation—you’ll feel relaxed and will still be awake during the procedure.
  • Moderate sedation—you’ll feel drowsy and there will be a decrease on his motor skills; you may even fall asleep during the procedure but can easily be awaken when we finish.

Say goodbye to your toothaches and dental anxiety! Receive the best oral health care from Village Dental. Call us at 801-277-1916 to schedule an appointment.