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Oral Sedation

Oral Sedation Dentistry

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Oral Dental Sedation

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Oral sedation is one of the methods used in oral sedation dentistry, other methods are inhalation sedations and conscious intravenous sedation. These methods are used to numb the nerves in specific locations for you to experience little or no pain at all during dental procedures that may inflict pain in your oral cavity.

Like any patient who is going to undergo sedation during a dental procedure, it will be reassuring if you are informed that your dentist is qualified to perform oral sedation. Doing further research and getting knowledge about the different drugs won’t only be enlightening but can also be empowering and give you more confidence going in the procedure.

In Village Dental you will be comfortable under the hands of 17 year experienced dentist in Dr. Michael G. Rasch. With the help of his highly trained dental staff, they will help in making sure that procedures go smoothly and that you experience good customer service.

Conscious Sedation For Painless Dental Procedures In Holladay, Ut

Conscious sedation is applied for you to be able to relax and to block pain, which is called an anesthetic, during dental procedures. You will be awake conscious throughout the whole procedure but you may experience difficulties in speech. With conscious sedation, you can be assured that after a day or two you will be fully recovered from drowsy feeling and be able to go through your normal daily routine.

While under the influence of sedation, you can expect your blood pressure to lower. You can be assured that the dentist and the assistant will always monitor your status to make sure that you are doing just fine. After sedation, you may feel drowsy and probably have a hard time remembering what just happened. You will be okay once the medication has died down.

For your information and if you are afraid of needles, then oral anesthesia is way to go for you. Oral anesthesia can be taken by the following:

  • Orally- Drug is swallowed whole
  • Sublingually- Drug is placed under the until it is dissolved

We Offer Pediatric Dentistry Oral Sedation In Holladay, Ut

When handling children in a dental chair, it can be difficult to handle their emotions and stabilize them in order to get a successful procedure. It is important to manage a child’s pain and anxiety early in their treatment. Inadequate pain control for initial procedures for young children may diminish the effect of adequate analgesia in subsequent procedures.

Here are other methods of conscious sedation:

  • Through The Nose
  • By using suppository
  • By using a shot for injection
  • Intravenously

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