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Dental Bonding: An Easy And Affordable Way to Improve Your Smile in Holladay, UT

Are you suffering from a chipped tooth or a severely discolored on as well? If you head on over to Village Dental, try looking for Dr. Michael G. Rasch DDS a Family and Cosmetic Dentist. He can give you expert advice on how to fix that fast, simple, and inexpensive.

When Do You Need

Teeth Bonding?

If you or any family member has the following conditions,, we highly recommend undergoing teeth bonding cosmetic procedure:

  • Tooth decay – dental bonds are used to fill out cavities
  • Tooth discoloration – dental bonds can improve the appearance of the tooth
  • Chipped or fractured tooth – dental bonds can be used to close gaps and cracks

Aside from the cost, dental bonds are a good choice because it does not require custom tooth coverings compared to veneers and crowns. As soon as Dr. Rasch recommends, you can undergo the procedure on the spot. There is no need for anesthesia and minimal tooth enamel is removed. This is the perfect solution for patients who do not have the time, budget or tolerance of pain.

Village Dental has been practicing Dentistry, including cosmetic procedures for over 50 years, The clinic accepts most insurance and you can also avail of Care Credit.

Composite Resin Bonding:

The Dentist’s Choice For Healthy And Good Looking Teeth

Dr. Michael G. Rasch has been practicing Cosmetic and Restorative for 17 years now. He has always made it a point to give the very best to his patients, from his quality of work, quality of materials used, and also the best price points. With his restorative work he has experimented with a lot of kinds of dental fillings. He has tried the following:

  • Gold Filling
  • Amalgam Filling
  • Porcelain Filling
  • Composite Filling

After years of practice and experimentation, he found the Composite Resin is the material for his patients. Dr. Rasch always wows his patients every time he explains the advantages this has to offer, which are the following:

  • the material adjusts to your natural tooth color
  • the treated tooth appears very natural Requires very minimal drilling to bond the material on existing the tooth
  • Easily to repair if damaged
  • Least expensive compared to gold, amalgam or porcelain fillings
  • Fastest to filling to harden and finish

Composite Resin Bonding:

Fast And Effective for a Fraction of the Cost

Composite Resin Bonding is popular procedure at Village Dental. If you need dental bonding services caused by decay, tooth cracks or long-term teeth discoloration, Dr. Rasch can easily and immediately perform the procedure on you. If you’re curious about how a dental bond is done, here’s quick overview of the entire procedure:

  1. Matching the color of the resin to your natural tooth color
  2. Acid etching the tooth structure
  3. Applying a bonding agent
  4. Placing the Composite Resin
  5. Curing the Composite Resin using UV or laser
  6. Final Shaping and Polishing

The procedure approximately lasts from 30 up to 60 minutes per tooth.

Get an affordable teeth make over for a fraction of the cost. Our dental bonding procedures are fast, pain-free and can get you instant results! Visit Village Dental today or Call us at 801-277-1916 to schedule an appointment.