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Gum Abscess:

Thorough Cleaning And Draining In Holladay, Ut

If you are experiencing a lot of pain in the gum area, and notice some swelling and pus accumulation. It will be wise to go to your doctor to check for the presence of abscess in your gums. In Village Dental, we are able to properly diagnose the presence of abscess and treat it effectively for your comfort and relief.

Dental Abscess Treatment:

Effective Cleaning, Draining, And Treatment In Holladay, UT

Abscess of the gums usually occurs between the gums and teeth when bacteria builds up and infects the area. Bacteria usually comes from food debris that gets stuck and is not removed right away. Tooth related abscess is when the tooth’s nerve is dying and it spreads to the surrounding bone.

With the help of abscess treatment, the dentist first properly performs thorough oral prophylaxis to for general cleaning. Then the dentist will make sure to drain every ounce of pus in the abscess cavity to ensure that there is no recurring effects. There might be some extraction involved to remove that source of bacteria that is spreading in the area.

With the help of Village Dental, you will experience fast relief of pain and relief of infection with our thorough treatment. With the expert hands of Dr. Michael G. Rasch and his highly trained dental team, they will make sure that each case is treated well and that the patient’s only experience a comfortable session.

Tooth Abscess Treatment:

Properly Treated To avoid Recurrence In Holladay, UT

If there is presence of Abscess in the tooth, the treatment will depend on how severe the case is. If the infection is not so severe, the dentist will be able to drill a small hole on the tooth for pus to escape followed by a root canal treatment. If it is severe, then a hole will be drilled in the gum area through the bone for the pus to escape.

Abscess is a very serious infection that can affect your general health. It is important to have this treated by a dentist right away. If it is not treated, the pus could infect other parts of the face and cause other diseases. It is crucial that the pus properly drained and that there is no trail left for it to occur again.

Periodontal Abscess Treatment:

Fast Acting Treatment Plans And Quick Relief Of Pain In Holladay, UT

Periodontal abscess is the localized collection of pus in the periodontium. If things get more severe, the presence of a fistula or gum boil can occur. This is a tunnel filled with pus and caused by the prolonged infection of abscess. There are usually two types of periodontal abscess, periapical and lateral periodontal abscess.

In Village Dental, we have other procedures that are good for properly treating dental diseases. Here is a short list of these procedures:

  • Oral Prophylaxis
  • Restorative Procedures
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Tooth Extractions

In Village Dental, we will make sure that your abscess cases are treated with extreme care and caution. We understand the dangerous effects these have and we take it seriously. We will make sure that we go through every step of the process to aid this. You can contact us at 801-277-1916