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Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums Treatment

– Stop Bleeding And Improve Oral Hygiene In Holladay, UT

If you’ve noticed that at some moments that your saliva tastes like it was mixed with blood, or every time you brush your teeth there seems to be bleeding that occurs. This also is a major symptom gingivitis. A simple visit to Village Dental for Oral Prophylaxis can vastly improve your oral hygiene and is a good start to reverse gingivitis.

Treating Bleeding Gums

– Experience The Process That Fights Gingivitis In Holladay, UT

Treating bleeding gums is being able create a daily habit that will maintain and promote dental hygiene, Your dentist will always suggest that you use dental floss daily to ensure that you get food debris out in tight spaces, brush your teeth regularly to remove plaque and debris, lastly to visit your dentist regularly.

The treatment used to stop bleeding gums is the gauge for how healthy your oral hygiene is. Brushing your teeth, flossing, and regular visits to your dentist is your foundation for good oral hygiene. WIthout commitment to doing these regularly will lead to a lot of diseases to the oral cavity.

Here in Village Dental you will be provided with the best customer service by Dr. Michael G. Rasch and his highly trained staff to give you the best procedures that promote good oral health. They specialize in the field of family dentistry and have mastered the art of catering to young kids who experience fear of going to the dentist.

Stop Bleeding Gums

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The Presence of bleeding gums should give you a sense of urgency that you may have unhealthy gums. It will be advisable to take action by visiting your dentist for cleaning and ask for advice on how treat this. This symptom could lead to other dental diseases that will be harder to treat. It is important to cater to this early on to prevent further complications.

For Gingivitis the usual procedure done to a patient with this disease is oral prophylaxis. In this procedure the dentist will remove tar, stains, and plaque that could play a part with bleeding gums. Also the dentist can search if there are any other present diseases occurring in the patient’s mouth. This is a good preventive procedure for the patient to avoid other dental diseases.

Aside from Oral Prophylaxis, Village Dental offers other procedures, depending on the patient’s case that will prevent and treat dental diseases. Here is a short list of those procedures:

  • Root Scaling And Planing
  • Cavity Filling
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Dental Sealants
  • Root canal Treatment

Excessive Gum Bleeding

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Excessive gum bleeding can be alarming because that means other structures surrounding the gums maybe affected. This means that the bone supporting the teeth are already deteriorating and that the teeth are being supported solely by the gums which can create pain during chewing.

Here is an overview of the process of treating excessive gum bleeding if the bone has been affected:

  • An X-ray Will Be Taken to See how much bone support is present
  • If sufficient bone is present, bone grafting is an option
  • If Bone Is Insufficient Then Tooth Extractions Will Be Done, Then Dentures Will Be Fabricated

In Village Dental, we will help all patients explore the different options for different dental situations. Our goal is to make the best dental choice that will benefit the patient the most as well as being financially comfortable with the decision.