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Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth Dentist: Bringing Back Smiles for Over 50 Years in Holladay, UT

A broken tooth can cause trauma and embarrassment. If you happen to lose a reason to smile with a broken tooth, visit Village Dental and receive expert dental care from Dr, Michael G Rasch, DDS. He has over 17 years veteran of practice in General & Family Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Surgery . The state of the art facility, highly trained staff and flexible payment terms should allow a family’s visit to the dentist come with no complications. Village Dental is a state-of-the-art clinic with highly-trained staff and flexible payment terms to suit your family’s dental care needs.


Broken Front Tooth Repair

from Holladay’s Expert – Dr. Rasch

Depending on the severity of the break, fracture, or chip, the repair and the cost may vary. Dr. Rasch will perform a process called “bonding” on the damaged tooth. He typically performs the following:

  • Applying a numbing agent to the tooth
  • Etch the surface of the tooth to make sure the bonding material will set properly
  • Attach a tooth-colored composite resin to the damaged tooth which has been already shaped to match your teeth.
  • Use ultraviolet light to speed up the setting of the adhesive between the resin and the broken tooth

Dr. Rasch may recommend the use of a dental cap or crown (as a temporary fix and after more tests such as dental x-rays are done – a permanent tooth attachment may be done specifically for molars.

Why You Need a

Broken Tooth Repair


Broken tooth repair is necessary, not only for aesthetic purposes, but also, more importantly, for good dental hygiene. Whether it’s a really small chip on your tooth or a big fracture, you have to make sure to visit a dentist before your condition gets worse.

If the broken teeth comes with moderate to severe pain, schedule an appointment with your family dentist or an emergency dentist immediately as it can lead to:

  • Infection
  • Swelling
  • Death of a tooth nerve
  • Fractured tooth socket
  • Fusion between your tooth and jaw bone
  • Permanent tooth loss

If you feel that you have a dental emergency case, call us at 801-277-1916 and we are going to make sure you are well-take care of. Village Dental is committed to personalized care and comfort of all our patients.


Broken Tooth Extraction

May Be Necessary for Extreme Cases

Removing a broken tooth may be recommended in cases where the breakage occurs on a large portion of the crown or if the tooth broke right below the gum line. This will make the remaining tooth very challenging to repair. If the tooth is too damaged, then a broken tooth extraction must be done. Additional extraction procedures may include removing gum tissue, removing bone tissue or cutting the tooth into parts.

Village Dental is a family-friendly dental clinic that caters to children, teenagers and adults. With over 50 years of practice, we are the trusted service provider for general dental services. Dr. Rasch is your reliable dentist for tooth emergencies including tooth care.

If you have a broken tooth emergency, schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Rasch so you can receive prompt and expert care. Call Village Dental at 801-277-1916 now!