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Lost Crowns

Broken Crown Tooth:

Replace Your Crown With Top Quality Material In Holladay, UT

If you’ve experienced a chip tooth while having your dinner, then you can only blame the type of material used to create your crown or how the crown was fabricated. If you are looking for a dental office that fabricates crown well and uses the finest quality of materials. Then Village Dental is the right place for you.

Tooth Crown Loose:

Fabricate A New And More Stable Crown In Holladay, UT

Dental Crowns are fixed prosthetic devices used to fill the gap of a patient who had lost their permanent tooth. Crowns are prosthetic devices that have high compressive strength and stability. A study from Pjetursson (2007) shows that 94% of patients with crowns last for 5 years and 90% last for 10 years. Crowns are a long term prosthetic device good aesthetically for patients.

Dental Crowns that become loose is usually caused by the forces of mastication due to the failure of the material. Materials for dental crown have a maximum load it can carry before it breaks. The lower quality of material used means that forces it can carry will be less. It will be advisable to use the a high quality material.

In Village Dental, you can expect top quality treatment and that they use only the best brands of materials. With 17 years of Cosmetic Dentistry experience, Dr. Michael G. Rasch is sure to put a quality smile back to your face. He will give you different treatment plans to choose from and give you quality service everytime. Your smile is definitely in good hands with Village Dental.

Temporary Fix For Loose Crowns:

Use Quality Solutions To Get You By Before Your Next Appointment In Holladay, Ut

Loose crowns can be both uncomfortable and also hazardous to our oral health. If you are not able to seek for dental services, it will be a good idea to try and use temporary treatment while you are waiting. There are a lot of brands that work well for temporary DIY treatments you can use.

It is important to take care and secure the loose crown as it can cause some complications to the oral cavity. If you are not able to stabilize the crown during mastication, the crown that comes in contact with the gums can cause irritation. Also food debris that can get stuck in the caps of the grown can lead to infection.

Village Dental is well known for their cosmetic dentistry and bringing back the confidence and smiles to their patients.

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Permanent Crown Fell Out:

Get The Proper Fit For Your Dental Crown In Holladay, UT

If you permanent crown keeps falling out for no specific reason, then maybe it is time to head to the dentist to get another fit. Retention and fit are two major factors that contribute to how long your crown will last. How big or small your crown will be and how well it fits the gap will be determined by the precision and accuracy of the dentist. It is best to find a dentist that pays attention to detail.

Here is an overview of the procedure on how the dentist creates and fits the dental crown for the patient:

  • Preparing And Shaping The Tooth
  • Taking An Impression Of The Patient’s Mouth
  • Sending The Impression To The Lab
  • Placing A Temporary Crown In The Patient’s Missing Tooth
  • Delivery And Cementing Crown To The Patient’s Missing Tooth

Village Dental is one of the most sought out dental offices in Holladay, UT. With a balanced mix of skill, customer care, quality, and precision. This dental office is sure to put a smile on your face. Call 801-277-1916 now to schedule an appointment!