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Lost Fillings

Temporary Filling Dentist

– Taking The Necessary Steps For Better Oral health In Holladay, UT

A temporary filling is not designed to last long and it easily can break compared to permanent fillings. If you undergo a dental procedure and the dentist is not able to finish it, then he will put on a temporary filling until your next appointment. In Village Dental, we will not rush procedures for the sake of finishing at record time, we take necessary steps like placing a temporary filling for better results.

Lost Tooth Filling:

A Quick And Easy Replacement For Your Lost Filling In Holladay, UT

Losing your tooth filling happens more often than not, usually it is a traumatic experience that occurs during eating. You shouldn’t feel anxious when you lose your feeling because it is something that can be replaced easily by your dentist. If your filling happens to be a gold inlay, then that may cost more than your usual filling type.

When you lose your tooth filling it will be important to schedule your dental appointment right away. Since you will have a big hole or gap in in your tooth it will be high susceptible to food debris, bacteria, and diseases. If the appointment will be days away, you have to make sure that you properly clean that area to avoid infection.

Here in Village Dental, you will be catered to by the most skilled dentist in Holladay, UT in Dr. Michael G. Rasch. He is a Creighton University Graduate and has practiced restorative dentistry for 17 years now. He is also assisted by is highly trained dental staff for smoother dental experience for the patient.

Broken Tooth Filling

– Careful Diagnosis For Better Treatment Planning In Holladay, UT

A broken tooth with filling usually occurs when the filling is too big and that there is also insufficient tooth structure. When this is the case it is during chewing when the tooth can crumble or break down due to it lack of support. If this happens an x-ray should be done right away, so the dentist can create a more effective treatment plan.

An x-ray will be vital during a broken tooth filling occurs and it should be done right away. When this happens the dentist will try to save as much tooth structure as he can and try to restore the strength and stability back on the tooth. This will be important because it will give comfort to the patient to perform basic oral functions.

Aside from the x-ray we have other procedures that will work well for diagnosis and treating dental diseases. Here is a short list of those procedures:

  • Dental Examination
  • Dental Charting
  • Oral Prophylaxis
  • Dental Sealants

Temporary Tooth Filling

– Protect Your Tooth Before Your Next Appointment In Holladay, UT

A temporary tooth filling will be important in protecting your exposed tooth from bacteria that can cause infection. Usually these fillings are placed by the dentists if he/she has not been able to finish the dental procedure done to the patient.

Here is an overview on how the dentist will apply temporary fillings:

  • Take Pain Killers
  • Apply Dental Wax To Sharp Edges
  • Mix Temporary Dental Fillings
  • Place Temporary Dental Filling
  • Pack it tight inside the tooth
  • Consult The Dentist

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