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Dental X-Ray

Dental X-Ray

for Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment in Holladay, UT

A dental X-ray is a quick and reliable way to check if your teeth have any damage or diseases that aren’t easily seen by the naked eye. Village Dental provides the fastest and highest quality radiographs in the Holladay area to provide you with accurate exams and recommendations so you can maintain good oral health. . – Dentists are able to take an in-depth look on the condition of your teeth and gums with the help of X-rays also called as radiographs.

Digital Dental X-Rays

is Part of Village Dental’s Commitment to Provide Access to a Modern Dental Facility

Though the use of traditional dental X-rays outweighs the risk, digital radiographs make a sensible option that is why Village Dental’s state of the art clinic invests in technologies that provide further benefits to its patients.

The radiation emitted by traditional X-rays are safe for most patients but since we are the trusted oral health care provider in Holladay, we see to it that we continue to raise the bar when it comes to the safety and satisfaction of the families we take care of.

If you are looking to have a digital dental X-ray – Village Dental is conveniently located in along Holladay Rd. We also provide emergency services so if you are in immediate need of a dental X-ray, you can call us anytime and one of our staff will take care of you.

When Do You Need a

Teeth X-ray?

If you are a new patient to your dentist, you will usually be required to get a radiograph of your teeth. The dentist uses this as a baseline of your oral health, as well as possible changes that may occur over time. This will also help in diagnosing any potential dental issues

Depending on the type of diagnosis Dr. Rasch is looking for, you may be requested to take a Periapical, Bitewing, Panoramic or Occlusal X ray.

  • Periapical – view of the entire tooth from crown to the bone supporting the tooth
  • Bite-wing – view of the upper and lower posterior teeth
  • Panoramic – view of the teeth, jaws, nasal area, sinuses and the joints of the jaw
  • Occlusal – view of the floor of the mouth

Pediatric Dental X-rays

are Necessary for Your Child’s Oral Health

Dental radiographs for children are necessary for the following reasons:

  • eruption of the tooth
  • determining the number, size and position of the teeth inside the gums
  • account missing or excessive number of teeth
  • monitor mouth or teeth injury
  • identifying teeth or mouth infection
  • assessment and preparation of orthodontic braces
  • to test bone diseases
  • cavity diagnosis

Village Dental is committed to providing patients comprehensive dental services to families in the Holladay area. If you or a loved one is looking to undergo dental radiography, Dr. Rasch and his team offers the best equipment to provide you with accurate, expert diagnosis. Trust the dental office that families have been trusting for over 50 years. Call 801-277-1916 for all your dental health needs.