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Bitewing X-ray:

Upper and Lower Back Teeth Exam in Holladay, UT

Dental x-rays are important in assessing the health or the damage of teeth and gums which cannot be viewed during a visual dental exam. With the help of x-rays, dentists are able to accurately and closely examine patients. Village Dental provides dental X-ray services to make it easy for patients to be diagnosed and receive treatment if necessary.

Dental Bitewing X-Ray

to Examine Your Upper and Lower Teeth

Since x-rays provide a high level of details of the teeth, they are necessary in:

  • the diagnosis of tooth decay decay
  • detecting the signs and symptoms of gum disease

With the help of the bitewing x-ray, the dentist will be able to see exactly where the tooth decay is. This kind of details provided by the x ray is essential in properly removing the infected area and at the same time preserving the remaining healthy tooth structure.

Here at Village Dental Dr. Michael G. Rasch and his well-trained dental team are committed to providing high-quality dental services. Including fast and convenient dental examinations. Their state-of-the-art x ray facilities are sure to make your visit to the dentist comfortable and complete. Their mission is to treat every patient like family and provide them excellent dental care.

With 17 years of experience in the field of Family Dentistry, Dr. Michael G. Rash is continues the 50-year legacy of Village Dental in the Holladay, UT area.

Prevent Dental Disease And Promote Dental Health with a

Bitewing X-Ray Of Teeth

Bitewing x-rays can also be used for preventive measures. By detecting early signs of dental diseases, treatment can be provided right away. Without dental x-rays, it will be difficult for dentists to perform preventive or restorative procedures on patients.
Village Dental offers a complete set of dental examination services for the entire family. Including general dentistry procedures such as panoramic x rays, gum evaluation, teeth cleaning, sealant application, teeth restoration, prophylaxis and deep dental cleaning. You can count on Dr. Rasch and his team to provide you with all the necessary examinations and treatments to ensure optimal oral health.

Convenient and Speedy

Bitewing X-Ray

At The Dental Clinic in the Holladay Area

A bitewing x-ray is one of the simplest radiographic procedure performed in dental clinics. It is important for the dentist to take precarious steps to ensure the safety of the patient,since it requires them to bite down on a film holder.

The procedure of taking a bitewing is fast and simple, but children may have difficulties in the process because of the bite block. Here is an overview of the procedure , so you can better prepare you or your child for a bitewing x-ray.

  • Patient is seated upright in a dental chair
  • Patient is covered with a lead apron
  • A dental film is placed inside the patient’s mouth with a holder
  • Dentist or a trained dental staff directs the x-ray cone at the film and takes the x-ray

If you need a bitewing x ray for you or your family, head over to Village Dental for convenient and speedy examinations. Dr. Rasch and his highly skilled team provides excellent dental examination and general dental services for patients of all ages. Call 801-277-1916 to book an appointment today!