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Panoramic X-Rays

in Holladay, UT

Panoramic X-rays are important if dentists need to be provided with a 2D radiograph of the entire mouth inlcuding the upper and lower jaws, sorrounding structures and mouth tissue. A panoramic x-ray provides a single and flat image of the entire jaw. Village Dental offers panoramic x-ray services to provide convenience to patients in the Holladay area where the entire family can go to a one-stop clinic for all their oral health needs.

Uses of

Panoramic Dental X Ray

Patients may be required to take a panoramic x ray of the teeth to diagnose or monitor the following dental conditions or problems:

  • tooth impaction
  • temporomandibular joint or TMJ disorders
  • extent of periodontal diseases
  • checking for cysts or tumors on the jaw and the jaw bone
  • diagnosis for oral cancer

Digital Panoramic X Ray

Within Reach

In today’s dental practice, dentists are shifting from panoramic X-ray films to digital panoramic X-rays. This movement is making it safer for patients since radiation exposure is less when they use digital radiographs. That is why Village Dental invests in modern dental technologies to continue making a difference for its patients in Holladay.

Village Dental also offers various types of x-ray services in our state-of-the-art facility along Holladay Rd:

  • Periapical dental x-ray
  • Bite-wing dental x-ray
  • Occlusal dental x-ray

Whether you have an appointment or if you need emergency dental services, our well-trained and very able staff can provide you the accurate and immediate type of teeth x-ray that you need.

Panoramic Teeth X Ray

and More at Village Dental

Village Dental provides all the dental services that you and your family might need. If you are located in the Holladay area, our services and our well-trained staff are available 4 days a week. We also got you covered in cases of dental emergencies. You can count on Dr. Rasch and his team to provide you with immediate and expert dental health care when you need it.

If you are looking for accurate x-ray including diagnosis and treatment, Village Dental offers all type of x rays and offers most type of dentistry including oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry.

Choose the dental practice that Holladay families have been trusting in the last 50 years. For unparalleled dental services, Dr. Rasch and his team can provide you and your loved ones all your oral health needs. Select from our wide range of services including our flexible payment terms. We accept most insurance. Call 801-277-4542 to book an appointment today.