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Get Rid Of Stains, Plaque And Debris In Holladay, UT.

Dr. Michael G. Rasch and his well-trained staff provides excellent teeth cleaning services to patients of all ages in the Holladay area. Village Dental helps patients avoid the progression of problems such as periodontal diseases and gingivitis. Optimal oral health is achieved when regular and thorough teeth cleaning at the dentist’s.

Dental Cleaning

for Spotless White Teeth And Healthier Gums

Oral prophylaxis is a procedure in which bacterial plaque, food debris, and stains are removed from the surfaces of the teeth using scalers and polishing instruments. This a mandatory process before any other procedure is done on the tooth. If you are to undergo tooth extraction, root canal, or restoration, teeth cleaning is a must. Prophylaxis is required to prevent infection from occurring.
Prophylaxis is usually a procedure that is completed within the set appointment. It is a fast and effecient way to get healthier teeth. If the patient has a severe case of bad hygiene then there is a chance of a recall.

Here is an overview of the procedure:

  • Dental Charting
  • Tooth Scaling And Flossing
  • Tooth Brushing
  • Tooth Polishing
The Trusted

Prophylaxis Dentist

in Holladay, UT

Dr. Michael G. Rasch and his highly trained dental staff are strong advocates of good oral hygiene. You are assured the best quality service and cleaner teeth after each session with them. They take all the necessary steps to give you the best dental care and quality service.

Village Dental is a 50 year old practice in Holladay and is the trusted name when it comes to the following dental services for the entire family:

  • Family Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Oral Surgery
  • Emergency Dental Surgery

If you are looking for premium patient care with flexible payment terms and options, Village Dental is the best choice. Its state-of-the-art clinic is conveniently located along Holladay Rd.


Teeth Cleaning

is a Fast and Effective Way To Get Healthier Teeth

Though it is necessary to brush regularly at home to keep healthy teeth, visiting your dentist every six months for cleaning is just as important. This procedure is make sure that no dental diseases develop or if there are symptoms, you are able to seek treatment right away.

Aside from oral prophylaxis, Village Dental offers all-around procedures to ensure patients of getting the best dental health. Thanks to Dr. Michael G. Rasch and his versatility with the different fields of dentistry, he can offer more to his patients.

These are some of the benefits of undergoing Dental Prophylaxis regularly:

  • Plaque and tartar removal
  • Avoiding yellowish and stained teeth
  • Fresher breath or treatment of halitosis (bad breath)
  • Detection and diagnosis of other possible health issues like oral cancer, diabetes, and kidney diseases

Village Dental can help you and your loved ones achieve optimal oral health. If you are looking for excellent patient care that provides flexible payment terms and accepts most insurance, call 801-277-1916 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rasch!