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Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings: High Aesthetic And Functional Materials Used In Village Dental In Holladay, UT

Are you starting to feel an ache in your tooth every time you take a bite? There is probably a cavity that is starting to form. It’s time to make a necessary trip to Village Dental! Where you can get 50 years of dental excellence and experience no pain during meals.

Composite Fillings Dentist:

Restoring Your Teeth To Full Health

When a dentist is given a task to restore a tooth back to full health, he has options to choose from, depending on the interest of the patient. Here is a list of other Dental Fillings to choose from:

  • Amalgam- Least expensive, Super High Durability (10 years or more), Low Aesthetics
  • Composite Fillings- Costs more than Amalgam. High Durability (5 years), High Aesthetics
  • Gold Fillings- One of the most Expensive materials, Super High Durability (15 years), High Aesthetics

It is important for a dentist to give options to the patient, for him to give his input. That way the dentist can factor out the other materials he feels will not suit the patient. Nowadays the trend has changed from amalgam over to composite resin, According to the American Dental Association over 42.% of the total population uses Composite resin.

What’s to like most about Dental Village, you ask? When it comes to restorative procedures, their attention to detail is astounding. With them, you won’t have to worry about going back to the clinic again for the reason of a faulty restoration. For 17 years Dr. Michael G. Rasch has perfected his art in restoring teeth, mixing patience with his perfectionism, he takes his work very seriously. He does whatever he can to avoid any error. He also handpicks his dental staff and makes them go through intensive training to ensure quality work. To be under the care of Village Dental is choosing to care for your oral hygiene.

Dental Composite Fillings:

Properly Placed Fillings to Make Teeth Look Natural Again

Composite fillings’ popularity lies in its aesthetic benefit that it almost looks like a natural tooth. As good as it looks it can also withstand high intensity forces when you eat. Though these kinds of material will never last forever, it is always a good idea to have it checked every 4 to 6 months. Since majority of the population now are very particular about looks, the composite filling has become a fan favorite since the early 2000’s.

Village Dental are ambassadors of oral health, and it is very evident in the mandatory processes in their clinic. Before their patient arrives, they make sure to rigorously practice infection control– for themselves, the dental chair, and the hand instruments used. The last thing they want to happen is for them to spread diseases to their patient. Also, they make sure teeth are clean before proceeding to any procedure. This means that they do Oral Prophylaxis to their patients before anything else. Performing any other procedure with a dirty mouth could lead to a disaster in the long run. They really make it a point to disinfect all working areas.

Composite Fillings Dental Office:

Village Dental Offers Reliable Restorative Procedures

Filling up a tooth with composite material is only one part of the who process. The first part of the process is called Cavity preparation. It is the removal of the decaying components in the tooth, but we will give emphasis in the process of filling. Here Dr. Rasch will explain process of filling up a tooth with Composite filling:

  • Add a layer of pulp protection called ZOE
  • Application of acid etchant on the tooth surface
  • Adding Primers on the surface to improve the bonding process
  • Adding of Bonding Agent, then the dentist will cure it with UV light
  • Adding of Composite with a matrix bond to give it more shape and to prevent sticking to neighboring teeth
  • Polishing and Finishing

No matter how bad the cavity is, Village Dental will be able to bring it back to it’s natural look.Fill out the online patient form and schedule an appointment!