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As we age, we begin to suffer from more and more health issues and dental health is no exception. Our teeth start to lose their resilience over time and many different dental issues can occur. One of the most common dental issues that Sugarhouse dentists hear about is tooth sensitivity. This can occur at any point in a person’s life, but is most common for older people whose teeth have had plenty of wear and tear. Tooth sensitivity occurs when a person’s gums have receded so much that the tooth’s roots are exposed. The root of the tooth contains tubules that lead directly to the tooth’s nerve, so once the tooth’s roots are exposed, a person will feel great sensitivity to any extreme temperatures or textures. This is why so many people are sensitive to hot coffee or cold ice cream; it is going straight to their sensitive dental nerves. To avoid eventual gum recession that results in tooth sensitivity, there are few helpful tips to follow. Read the tips below to avoid tooth sensitivity for as long as possible.

1. Be consistent about flossing your teeth. 
Although it is tedious and time consuming, make sure to floss your teeth. Lack of proper dental care such as flossing will eventually lead to gum disease. Once your gums begin to struggle, they are likely to recede which, as we mentioned above, will lead to tooth sensitivity . Flossing your teeth on a regular basis will help to keep your gums healthy and will keep your visits to a Sugarhouse dentist to a minimum.

2. Brush your teeth gently.
Many people are under the impression that aggressive teeth brushing with rough bristles will more thoroughly clean their teeth, but this is wrong. Being too rough with your teeth and gums will do more harm than good, wearing down the enamel and leaving your teeth more vulnerable without protection. Make sure you are using a soft bristled toothbrush and brushing thoroughly but gently to keep your gums and teeth strong and healthy. Talk with your dentist about brushing techniques if you are unsure about specifics.

3. Do not grind your teeth! 
Some people grind their teeth when they are stressed out and some do it while they sleep. Grinding your teeth is always a bad idea. It wears down enamel over time (which leaves your teeth unprotected) and it can cause fractures in the teeth. Even the smallest cracks will allow bacteria inside of your tooth, causing decay and eventual infections. If you notice cracks in your teeth, make sure to get into a Sugarhouse dentist immediately to fix the problem before it turns into something worse.

Creating tough and healthy teeth will prevent tooth sensitivity. Make sure you complete the basic dental hygiene tasks such as flossing and brushing, but pay more attention than that. Purchase a desensitizing toothpaste, do an occasional remineralizing fluoride rinse, only use a soft toothbrush, and visit the dentist regularly for cleanings and preventative maintenance. If you prioritize the health of your mouth, you will probably not suffer from intense tooth sensitivity.