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5 Secrets To Keeping Excellent Dental Health With Braces

One of the ways to correct misaligned teeth is through dental braces, although it is also being used in correcting bites as well as for cosmetic reasons. When teeth are misaligned, it can affect the person’s speech ability and may bring jaw pain. It can also cause sleep apnea, clenching of teeth, difficulty of chewing and the possibilities of gum diseases. With the use of braces from emergency dental services experts, teeth can be straightened by applying pressure on it for a certain time, depending on the severity of the case.

In most cases, braces must be worn for not lower than two years and within this period the patient is responsible for proper caring of the braces to avoid further oral health risks. So, how do you exactly take care of dental braces?

Choose what you eat.

Unlike other people who wear no dental tools, there should be extra consideration when you have dental braces. Sweets and colored drinks may cause yellowing stains around your equipment or on your teeth. Make sure to avoid hard-to-chew food and choose soft food instead to avoid damaging your equipment.

Floss – make it a habit.

If you haven’t taken this recommendation from emergency dental services Holladay experts prior to having your braces, you need to make this a habit before brushing your teeth. Some food may get stuck in hard-to-reach places which floss can easily take out for you. Super floss is one good brand available in the market. You can use this to rub up and down your teeth to remove plaque and other bacteria.

Rinse with mouthwash.

The metal braces may irritate the gums which could result to inflammation. Rinse with mouthwash after flossing your teeth. It helps in flushing out bacteria and prevents plaque build-up around the brackets. Clean gums contribute to faster healing of the inflammation and prevent diseases from developing within the oral cavity. Also, do not forget to rinse with water before and after eating or drinking anything sweet.

Consider buying an electric toothbrush.

The ordinary plastic toothbrush can clean your teeth but with metal brackets, brushing may seem more challenging. It would be good to use an electric toothbrush to make the job easier. Food particles can easily accumulate around the braces providing an environment for bacteria to thrive. Thorough brushing is required in cleaning every nook. Proxabrush, a mini-toothbrush specially made for hard to reach places, may be added into your brushing regimen.

Keep your gums healthy.

Brushing for two minutes is already acceptable in terms of quality brushing. However, your gums would require more than 2-minute brushing to keep it healthy. Floss regularly and properly by cleaning the gaps between teeth as well as the gap between the gums and root of the teeth. There are different types of floss in the market. Choose a dental floss which works perfectly with braces. Then rinse with mouthwash before proceeding to brush your teeth thoroughly.

Maintaining braces requires time and conscious efforts. It is crucial to consider these tips so you can achieve the perfect smile while keeping your gums healthy within the two-year period of wearing those metal brackets.

Oral care is essential not just while on dental braces but also for your well-being as a whole. The wires and brackets can easily attract bacteria if not kept clean. An unhealthy mouth may lead to infection, bad breath or even contribute to other diseases like diabetes or heart diseases.

Good dental care is vital in achieving healthy oral cavity and keeping oneself unsusceptible to more complex health risks.


5 Things To Remember To Perfect Dental Health

Good dental hygiene includes brushing your teeth after eating, flossing regularly, and visiting experts from preventative dentistry for cleanings and checkups. If you are practicing this, then you are doing a good job at caring for your teeth. However, you might be engaging in other activities, which cause erosion of the teeth and compromise your overall dental health.

Are you brushing your teeth right after eating?

The regular brushing may seem only natural to do, but how you do it may eventually damage your teeth. Remember, the mouth has its own pH level. Saliva helps balance the pH level in the oral cavity and neutralizes the acidity brought by food and drinks. Also, wait for at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after eating. If you brush your teeth straight after meals, you are brushing acid into the enamel of your teeth, which could lead to erosion and sensitivity.

Are you using a toothbrush with hard bristles?

Be kind to your teeth. Never use hard-bristled toothbrush but instead, use either soft or medium bristled toothbrush. The hard bristles of your toothbrush may not only scrape away tooth enamel and root surface, it can also cut or damage your gums.

Are you into dark-colored drinks?

A study shows that dark-colored drinks like coke and rum are the top offenders of human teeth. These drinks have very low pH, which means they are more acidic. Putting in acid into your mouth may cause damage to your teeth. You may consider drinking lighter-colored drinks on your next meal, champagne for example. They contain a pH value, which is slightly higher hence may only cause lesser damage compared to dark-colored drinks.

Are you drinking Apple cider vinegar (ACV)?

ACV is said to provide more than enough health benefits to its believers. While it is true that it contains lots of positive things, its acidity can damage your teeth. Makers of ACV claim that drinking this on a regular basis can boost immunity, give healthy glowing skin, cure bloating, and can aid in weight loss. They fail, however, to educate consumers that since ACV is vinegar, it has a pH value of 3.075.

The apple cider vinegar is typically just an apple juice but was fermented twice. The process transforms the juice into vinegar. As a health supplement, it contains a mixture of probiotics helpful in cleansing the body and stimulating regular body processes.

Although ACV enthusiasts rinse their teeth with water after drinking, usually, this is not enough. According to dental professionals, this does not wash off the acidity entirely. It is also not advisable to brush your teeth after drinking ACV as you will only be spreading the acid to the rest of your teeth.

Have you tried brushing with charcoal?

It may sound absurd, but a lot of people are doing this in an effort to whiten their teeth. Activated charcoal is said to have an ability to help whiten teeth and some other users claim that it aids in absorbing stains and toxins from teeth. Preventative dentistry professionals, on the other hand, see this as a serious threat to your teeth. Scrubbing hard things on your teeth can damage your teeth enamel that can lead to sensitivity and discoloration eventually.