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When Is Dental Sedation A Must?

Planning a trip to a dental clinic can be stressful for most people. In fact, it is extremely common to hear about people dreading to visit dentist. Many of these stories can be traced back to their first visit as a child, which was not at all pleasant. For some people, a simple regular check up can bring anxiety and stress and prefer to live in pain rather than visit a dentist for oral surgery. Without a doubt, this will put their oral health at risk. Neglecting or skipping dental services out of fear can bring serious consequences like oral infection, gum diseases, tooth decay, and even tooth loss.

Health professionals see this as a critical problem for those who are diabetic and those with other serious conditions like heart problems. The buildup of bacteria may cause inflammation and further affect other systems of the body. So, how do you know if you are a candidate for oral sedation dentistry?

  1.    Dental visits make you anxious.

One obvious candidate for oral sedation dentistry is a person who dreads a dental exam. As mentioned above, it is not uncommon to hear about people getting extremely anxious when visiting their dentist. In fact, 15% of Americans are avoiding dental visits because of fear and anxiety. If you are under the same situation, you are an excellent candidate for oral sedation. The procedure will help you go through the whole ordeal without pain and no sounds of dental drills. However, you will be conscious enough to respond when needed.

  1.    The dentist’s office bothers you.

For some people, the smell of things used inside the dentist’s office make them uncomfortable. Others may even have gag reflexes over the sound of drills. Scenarios as this is one of the reasons why people tend to avoid their appointments. Oral sedation will help turn this experience into a pleasant one.

  1.    It has always been a painful experience in the past.

There are people born with sensitive gums and trips to the dentist may bring anxiety due to the memories of pain during the past visits. Others associate dental appointments to pain thus making efforts to avoid another visit. You may discuss the possibility of oral sedation with your dentist on your next appointment.

  1.    You want to stay conscious but without pain.

Oral sedation is your best option. It is strong enough to take away the feeling of pain, but keep you conscious during the procedure. It is a moderate type of anesthesia, which does not totally knock you out.

  1.    You need a complex procedure.

Many people can tolerate a little discomfort and shrug off a bit of pain during dental visits. It is the long procedures that make them fear their next visit. If you are scheduled for a complex procedure which could take longer period of time, you can discuss oral sedation with your dentist prior to your schedule.

There is nothing to be anxious about when getting an appointment with your dentist. Oral sedation during oral surgery is made available to assist and make every dental visit as comfortable as possible.