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The Essential Flossing Guide; Dentist In Holladay UT

I’m sure you’re familiar with the typical dental office visit where you’re told you should be flossing more frequently. The dentist may have found a little mild gum disease in your mouth, which is all the more motivating for you to floss more often. It’s clear that a lack of flossing makes it’s near impossible for someone to sustain healthy teeth and gums. Although using mouthwash and brushing your teeth does make a big difference in the visual aesthetic of your smile, nothing can get between your gums and your teeth the same as dental floss can.

Although flossing is clearly important, many struggle with it because they simply aren’t aware of how to properly floss. Most people believe that the way to floss is just to stick the floss in between their teeth only for the sake of dislodging particles of food. However, flossing is important for eliminating the bacteria that is not visible and rests near your gums and on your teeth. This is why it’s crucial to floss every single day. Even if your floss looks clean after flossing, it is still doing an important job. Regular flossing also helps avoid a white, gooey buildup of bacteria and mucus that dentists call materia alba. Another way to keep your smile as clean, healthy and beautiful as possible is to go to your dentist for regular cleanings and care; check out your local dentist in Holladay, UT.

Avoid building up that icky goo or dealing with gingivitis and floss daily; seriously, every day! Here’s how to floss and make sure you do it right. 

Flossing 101

The first step is winding the floss around both middle fingers. It’s important to leave your index fingers free so they can guide the floss in the right direction. Make sure that when you wind your floss you leave a one or two inch section in between your middle fingers.

Pull the floss taut and use your pointer fingers to gently guide the floss between your teeth; it’s best to do this slowly. Once you have the floss between your teeth, press it against each side of the tooth and pull it against the curves of your teeth so all sides of the tooth wiped clean. An important part of this process is to slowly pull the floss under your gum line; this is an area a toothbrush cannot reach.

Once you’ve finished flossing between these two teeth and below the gum line, repeat this process until you’ve done your entire mouth. Don’t forget to do the back, behind your molars!

Gingivitis, or gum disease, causes the decay and loss of your gums and bones and finally leads to tooth loss. Floss each and every day to avoid all of these unpleasant future dental issues!

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