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When Is Root Canal Recommended?


The root canal treatment is more affordable compared to a tooth extraction, which also needs a dental implant as a replacement. In fact, the average cost of a root canal in the country is about $520 for a molar and $350 for an incisor. However, the price differs based on the severity of the condition and depending on the type of dental professional who will perform the procedure. Endodontics in Holladay, for example, can ask for a higher fee than a general dentist.

A root canal procedure is usually required when a tooth’s pulp and nerve are irritated, inflamed, or infected. The American Association of Endodontics notes that every year, there are about 22.3 million endodontic treatments that are being done. In a root canal therapy, the tooth’s interior undergoes cleaning. When dried, a temporary filling is placed afterward. Here are some of the reasons why Endodontics in Holladay Utah will recommend a root canal treatment.

To Remove a Deep Decay

Cavities, or tooth decay, happens when the bacteria inside the mouth forms an acid that gradually damages the teeth. If this condition is not properly treated, a minor decay may become a deep decay. Extreme pain, infection, and tooth loss may also happen. Initially, the decay may not be easily noticed since it affects only the outer enamel of the teeth. But as the decay progresses to the deeper areas of the teeth, the pulp, which holds the blood vessels and extremely-sensitive nerves, becomes damaged

Repeat Treatments

Repeated dental treatments that are done on a tooth will increase the likelihood of a future root canal procedure. A number of reasons can be cited for the need for several dental treatments.

A tooth may need repeated dental treatments when a new type of procedure is needed to perform on a previously filled tooth. This happens when the tooth becomes chipped, broken, or cracked due to an accident or trauma.

Cavities that keep coming back will require a tooth to be filled several times, as a new decay is needed to be removed.

Large Fillings

There are cases when large fillings will be required for a cavity that has been left untreated. When this happens, the extent of the decay could be a sizeable amount, leading to a more structure removal of the tooth and a larger filling. It should be noted that the while the large filling affects the tooth’s structural integrity, it may also increase the chance of a root canal treatment.

Cracks, Chips, and other Traumas

These are often the reasons for a root canal treatment Holladay. Although the majority of cracks and chips can be fixed through a tooth-colored bonding tool, including a crown that can “cap” the tooth, there are also more severe chips and cracks that will need a root canal procedure aside from bonding. If the tooth damage reaches the pulp, a root canal is usually required.

A root canal procedure is necessary especially if the pulp becomes infected and inflamed or when there’s an injury to a tooth that can damage the pulp regardless if there are no noticeable chips or cracks on the tooth. If untreated, pulp infection or inflammation can cause pain and abscess. While there are several clinical reasons that require the use of a root canal treatment, numerous practical reasons should also be noted, which explains why saving the natural tooth is a smart decision.

Endodontic Holladay helps everyone keep the natural smile, continue to enjoy food, and from undergoing repeated dental procedures. Proper oral hygiene is the key to having a root canal treatment that lasts a lifetime.