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Why Your Smile Needs Fluoride; Dental Offices In Murray Utah

Why Your Smile Needs Fluoride

Most people don’t know that fluoride is a mineral that strengthens teeth and keeps them strong. Fluoride treatments are particularly important in children’s dentistry to build that solid foundation of a nice smile that’s strong enough to handle life’s challenges. Fluoride attracts minerals, such as calcium which help strengthen teeth. If you don’t know about all the ways fluoride can benefit your smile, let’s go over them now! You can also call one of our Dental offices in Murray, Utah and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about your smile and your oral health and take care of all of your dental health needs.

A chief benefit of using fluoride is that your teeth will become naturally more resistant to cavities; it becomes a shield to keep malicious bacteria from discoloring your teeth. Fluoride makes teeth more resilient; this is why fluoride treatments are often recommended in pediatric dentistry as children will thus decrease their chances of getting cavities by 40%.

Tap water is one way you can expose your teeth to fluoride; some mouthwashes and toothpastes contain fluoride, as well. For those suffering from chronic dry mouth as well as thoswe who have braces, crowns or bridges, gingivitis, or a history of constant cavities, fluoride can be hugely beneficial. We encourage everyone, old and young to find your source or sources of fluoride and use it frequently to take care of your smile! Look up our dental offices in Murray, Utah to find the one nearest you and give us a call today.

(Kiss Me, I’m Irish! Oral Health Tips for a Happy St. Patrick’s Day)

St. Patrick’s day is almost here and it’s a chance to celebrate with loved ones; this often means delicious food, bottomless beverages, and green, festive clothing of every possible shade. So as you prepare for all of this true Irish merrymaking, remember the following oral hygiene and health care tips to make sure you’ll enjoy your holiday without regrets. It also would be wise for you to call one of our local Dental offices in Murray, Utah and book an appointment in advance for after St. Pattie’s Day.

The Key is Moderation. It’s understandable that on St. Patrick’s Day many people will want to enjoy a few drinks at home or a pint or two at the local pub, but it’s also important to understand the potential effects of alcohol related to oral health and your smile. Know that too much alcohol causes teeth to decay and also leads to periodontal disease, which is a serious form of gum disease. So have fun, but don’t drink excessively!

Keep well hydrated. During your holiday festivities, make sure to consume plenty of water to maintain a decent pH balance in your mouth. Drinking water will also lessen your body and head’s pain when you wake up the next day, so really it’s a no brainer!

Brush and floss no matter how late it is. Whatever time you get home, make sure that you still brush and floss before turning in. There is a lot of acid in ale, beer and many other types of alcoholic drinks. This acid can damage the enamel on your teeth and make them weaker and more susceptible to discoloration or decay. Don’t forget to take that little bit of time needed to take care of your mouth and smile; then crawl into bed!

Should you find the good fortune of a St. Patrick’s Day kiss, also be sure to use an effective mouthwash and brush your teeth to eliminate all the bacteria from those yummy Irish meals! For more tips about maintaining your oral health and bettering your smile, look up our Dental offices in Murray, Utah and call to speak with us today.