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If you are experiencing tooth pain? Do you notice swelling and pus accumulation? You may have an abscess tooth. Village Dental can properly diagnose the presence of an abscess and treat it effectively for your comfort and relief.

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Fast Acting Treatment Plans And Quick Relief Of Pain

Dental Abscess Treatment: Effective Cleaning, Draining, And Treatment In Holladay, UT

An Abscess Tooth is when the nerve of the tooth has died. The canal where the nerve existed had developed an infection - which is seeping out of the end of the tooth. This infection accumulates and spreads to the surrounding bone. This causes severe pain and swelling. If untreated, the infection can reach other parts of your body and make you feel tired and run down.
In more severe cases, the presence of a fistula or gum boil may occur. The boil is the infection tunneling to the outside of the body - usually occurring when the abscess has been present for a longer amount of time.
In order to treat this condition, a Root Canal Treatment may be required.

Abscess Treatment: Fast Acting Treatment Plans And Quick Relief Of Pain

If there is presence of Abscess in the tooth, the treatment will depend on how severe the case is. Most commonly, the dentist will be able to drill a small hole on the top of the tooth to access the infection. At this point, the Dr will perform Root Canal.
Here is an overview of a typical root canal procedure:

  • Application of local anesthesia on the affected tooth
  • Removal of the tooth pulp by creating an opening (also known as pulpectomy)
  • Filling the opened roots with gutta percha and a cement seal
  • A filling will be placed on the top of the tooth where the pulp was accessed
  • You may be placed on an antibiotic before or afterwards to ensure infection clears up completely.

An abscess is a very serious condition that can affect your general health and may even be life threatening. It is important to have it treated by a dentist right away. If it is not treated, the infection could lead to excess bone loss, loss of tooth, or further spread of infection through your body. With the help of Village Dental, you will experience fast relief of pain and infection.

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