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Fluoride Treatment Service

Fluoride treatments are recommended every 6 months to all our patients. It is beneficial to everyone. Especially for children and teens who are still developing good oral hygiene habits. If you have sensitivity, extensive crowns and other dental work, or are prone to cavities, you are also a good candidate. Fluoride helps strengthen enamel - the outer layer of your tooth. Village Dental offers this quick and safe treatment that will give you stronger teeth after one session.

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Fluoride Treatment: Get A Whiter Smile Now In Holladay, UT

For stronger teeth, fluoride is a great oral health practice, especially for kids

Most cities fluoridate their water - which is helpful in teeth that are still developing underneath the gums. However, people of all ages can benefit from an in office fluoride treatment. It is especially important before the approximate age of 18, when kids are still learning good hygiene habits. This is done to increase the number of hydroxyapatite minerals, which is the main mineral of enamel – a protective layer of the tooth.
High consumption of sugar and acids - like soda, break down these minerals - especially when teeth are not brushed afterwards. While kids and teens are still learning good hygiene habits, fluoride treatments give them extra protection against cavities.
There are many other reasons why a patient would benefit from a fluoride treatment:

  • If you are taking medications that cause dry mouth
  • If your gums have receded from your teeth
  • If you wear braces
  • If you’ve had radiation therapy

Whether it’s a child or an adult, VIllage Dental will make sure that you are well taken care of. Dr. Rasch specializes in Family Dentistry and is known for handling patients of all ages. He also has a highly trained staff that assists him well in all of his procedures. Village Dental is the best and one of the oldest family dental clinic in the Holladay area.

Pediatric Fluoride Treatment to Provide Healthier Teeth

Fluoride treatment will help strengthen the tooth and make it less prone to dental diseases.
One of the main reasons why a tooth gets weakened is the lack of regular brushing. When you do not brush after eating, the sugar and acids are break down the minerals that act as protective layers of your tooth.
If your child has bad dental hygiene and experiencing tooth decay, then you can contact Village Dental for the best treatment options. Dr. Michael G. Rasch can provide services like cavity removal and filling, veneers, teeth contouring, and even crown replacement on top of a regular fluoride treatment for your little ones.

Fluoride Treatment Dentist: Customer Oriented and High-Quality

Fluoride Treatment is a quick process that is most often performed at your 6 month cleaning and checkup. Here is a quick rundown on this common process:

  • Prophylaxis - cleaning
  • Fluoride varnish is painted on teeth afterwards
  • You will be able to go about your day with minimal restrictions which are: avoiding hot beverages, and waiting 4 hours before brushing.

Fluoride treatments are a great practice to maintain healthy strong teeth. Achieve that perfect smile at Village Dental and choose from our flexible payment options.

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