Loose or Missing Crowns

Loose or Missing Crowns

A loose or missing crown may happen due to an underlying issue and should be treated promptly. Opposing as well as neighboring teeth can shift quickly once a crown comes off. Village Dental offers excellent crown services using high quality materials for a long lasting guaranteed restoration.

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Loose Tooth Crown?: Replace Your Crown With Top Quality Material

Loose Tooth Crown?: Fabricate A New And More Stable Crown

A dental crown that becomes loose may indicate decay underneath the crown where it is not visible by your dentist or in many cases even an x-ray. In this case, your tooth may require a new crown.
A Dental Crown is a porcelain covering used to protect a tooth that has minimal tooth structure. Most commonly, a crown is initially placed when a tooth has had previous dental restorations (numerous fillings), and does not have enough tooth structure for another filling. Another reason for a crown to be placed is once a tooth has undergone a Root Canal Treatment. Crowns have high compressive strength and stability - which last 10 years or more.

A crown preparation involves:

  • Anesthesia is applied
  • A periapical x-ray will be taken of the tooth.
  • An impression of the existing damaged tooth will be taken - this will serve as the basis for your temporary crown.
  • Decay and damaged tooth structure will be removed and a new filling bonded in place.
  • The tooth will be shaped for the crown to be placed over top of it.
  • A final impression will be taken and sent to a lab that will make your custom crown.
  • A temporary crown will be placed to protect your tooth for the next 2 weeks.
  • A lab will create a custom ceramic crown. This process may take 2 weeks.

Getting Your New Crown:(Anesthesia is not required)

  • Your temporary crown will be removed.
  • The Doctor will fit your new crown and make adjustments as needed.
  • The crown will then be permanently cemented in place.
  • Your new crown will last for years while looking and feeling like your natural tooth.

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