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A toothache is not a simple jolt of pain. It is a symptom of a dental issue that needs prompt medical attention to avoid a more serious problem in the future.
Address toothache immediately by consulting with us at Village Dental, Salt Lake City’s best family dentist with the most accessible oral care plan.

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Toothache Dentist: Treatment Options at the Village Dental in Holladay, Utah

The Best Toothache Treatment & Dentist at the Village Dental

The Village Dental is a renowned dental care facility in Utah. We are trusted by families for their holistic oral care needs, from providing toothache relief to complicated dental procedures. We provide the best dental service with our highly trained staff and state of the art amenities that everyone can have thanks to our flexible payment schemes.
Village Dental is proud to have Dr. Michael Rasch, DDs as its lead dentist. Dr. Rasch is an expert in General & Family Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Surgery & Dental Implants. His extensive work in oral care spans 17 years, making him well-versed with all kinds of dental problems and patients.
Dr. Rasch has the support of a competent and exceptional staff here at Village Dental. Everyone in our office, from our dental hygienists to the clerk, places patient care and welfare as the top priority. Whatever your needs, we are here to assist you and provide the most convenient and comfortable treatment.

Affordable Professional Care in Our Toothache Dental Clinic

Toothaches are often signs of a deeper problem in our mouths. The common causes of a toothache are:

  • Tooth decay
  • Cracked or broken tooth
  • Broken fillings
  • Receding gums
  • Periodontal diseases
  • Wisdom Tooth
  • Teeth Grinding or Clenching

These problems require different dental treatments, and you can apply for these procedures with Village Dental’s multiple payment options. Our dental office accepts most insurance and offers interest-free payment plans through Care Credit. We also create unique payment plans for patients without medical insurance, so that everyone can get the care they need for toothache relief immediately.

Village Dental: The Friendly Toothache Dentist for Children

Going to the dentist can be scary for children. Here at Village Dental, we address this problem by creating a friendly atmosphere that will put both children and parents at ease.
Toothaches can be relieved with anti-pain medication, but a detailed check-up is needed to know the cause of the pain. Several procedures can be done to permanently address a toothache in both adults and children.

  • Wisdom Tooth Removal
    The emergence of a wisdom tooth can cause intense pain especially if you have impacted teeth or an infection. Dentists extract the wisdom tooth to allay the pain and prevent problems such as crowding of the teeth and possible infections.
  • Tooth Extraction
    Decayed teeth that cannot be saved with fillings and other procedures are removed to avoid infections.
  • Root Canal Therapy
    This treatment involves a series of procedures on the pulp of a tooth that has been infected. Dentists clean out the pulp surrounding the tooth as well as the roots to eliminate bacteria and restore the tooth to good health.
  • Bonding
    Broken or chipped teeth expose the teeth to bacteria which may lead to infections. Bonding fixes the teeth to prevent bacteria build-up and improve the appearance of teeth.

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