Extruded Tooth

Extruded Tooth

If you have experienced traumatic injury to your tooth that has left you feeling that your tooth is constantly mobile and could possibly fall out. Your condition may be what dentists call “Extruded Tooth. It is important you visit your dentist right away. Village Dental's highly skilled team will work quickly on extruded teeth with minimal pain.

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Loose Tooth Treatment: Prevent More Severe Cases And Maintain Good Oral Health

Loose Tooth Removal: Be Properly Diagnosed For Possible Extraction

An extruded tooth, means the tooth has been displaced from the socket but is still intact with the nerves and veins.
Depending on the severity of the extrusion, the tooth may be properly guided back to its proper position. When a patient experiences a loose or extruded tooth, they usually think that the only way to fix it is by extraction. However there is a way to save the tooth because the tooth is still alive and is connected to the nerves and blood vessels.

If a tooth is severely extruded from its socket, an extraction may be required to protect the area from developing bacteria.
Here is a quick rundown on how dentists can save this type of tooth:

  1. Anesthetics Will Be Applied
  2. An x-ray will be taken
  3. The Affected Area Will Be Cleaned
  4. A Diagnosis will be done for periodontal disease and Bone Support
  5. The Dentist Will Manually Guide The Tooth Back To Its Position
  6. Wire And Resin WIll Be Used To Stabilize The Tooth With The Neighboring Teeth

Village Dental requires a Patient’s call back after a few weeks will be required to ensure that the tooth is indeed stable in its place, the pain has subsided, and the patient is able to perform the basic oral functions.
Aside from tooth splinting, Village Dental has other dental procedures that eliminate dental diseases and increases dental hygiene. Here are some of the procedures to choose from:

  • Oral Prophylaxis
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Cavity Repair
  • Root Canal Treatment

Village Dental welcomes emergencies. Dr Rasch and his highly trained staff knows how to prepare patients of all ages for any possible surgical procedures. You will be able to easily relax in a calm environment.

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