Dental Crowns


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Crown: Promote Beautiful, Optimal Oral Health In Holladay, UT

Dental Crowns – Maintaining Function and Excellent Oral Health

Dental Crowns—which most people refer to as “caps” help preserve the function of a damaged tooth. A dental crown can protect cracked teeth, protect teeth with excess decay, and replace a pre-existing crown—restoring tooth function by encasing the affected tooth with custom-designed materials.
Village Dental has a wide variety of dental crown treatment options—all of which promote optimal dental health. The clinic’s staff has over 50 combined years of dental expertise in bridges and crowns—which are guaranteed to improve the damaged tooth’s appearance, alignment, and shape.

Restore Damaged Teeth Function Through Permanent Dental Crown

If we diagnose extensive tooth damage and if conservative treatment options like veneers and direct composite bonding are not viable our dentist will recommend dental crowns. We use a carefully selected group of laboratories that are highly skilled and committed to excellence to ensure comfort and quality.
A dental crown may be necessary to:

  • Protect a weak tooth
  • Protect a dental implant
  • Restore a broken tooth
  • Protect a tooth that has undergone a root canal
  • Secure dental bridge
  • Support and cover a tooth with large filling
  • Cover discolored or misshapened teeth
  • Provide cosmetic modification

Village Dental will also provide information about proper care for your new restoration. We emphasize maintaining proper oral hygiene habits to promote plaque removal from areas where the dental crown meets the gumline.
We also inform patients of practices that can damage their crown. Habits as common as grinding teeth and biting fingernails can shorten the lifespan of your dental crown.

Village Dental: State-Of-The-Art Crowns

A crown preparation involves:

  • Anesthesia is applied
  • A periapical x-ray will be taken of the tooth.
  • An impression of the existing damaged tooth will be taken - this will serve as the basis for your temporary crown.
  • Decay and damaged tooth structure will be removed and a new filling bonded in place.
  • The tooth will be shaped for the crown to be placed over top of it.
  • A final impression will be taken and sent to a lab that will make your custom crown.
  • A temporary crown will be placed to protect your tooth for the next 2 weeks.
  • A lab will create a custom ceramic crown. This process may take 2 weeks.

Getting Your New Crown:(Anesthesia is not required)

  • Your temporary crown will be removed.
  • The Doctor will fit your new crown and make adjustments as needed.
  • The crown will then be permanently cemented in place.

Your new crown will last for years while looking and feeling like your natural tooth.

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