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Avoid Gum Disease and Protect Your Overall Health- Cottonwood Heights Dentist

Most people think only of teeth when the topic of oral hygiene arises. You probably brush your teeth and hopefully you floss to keep your smile white and your teeth free of cavities, but how often do you consider the health of your gums?

Although gum health is often overlooked, this will effect much more than just your smile. If the gums are infected, this can cause a person to become very ill.

The first side effects of periodontal disease and gingivitis include redness, inflammation, bleeding gums, and then tooth loss, among others. However, if those weren’t bad enough, if left untreated, these diseases can cause a person much worse issues. When a person inhales bacteria from the infected gums or when it gets into the bloodstream, gum disease will spread across the entire body, causing severe harm to important organs and tissues.

There are a number of typical systemic problems that are linked to periodontitis including respiratory problems, coronary artery disease, arthritis and diabetes. At a certain point, a patient may not just be treating their gum disease, but they will also need to seek medical treatment as appropriate if and when other conditions and health issues form.

In certain cases, long-lasting periodontitis can cause harm to others, not just the original patient. For example, women who are pregnant and have gum disease have a much higher chance of giving birth to an underweight infant. Babies with a lower birth weight are known to suffer with a variety of potentially severe complications, which can include respiratory problems following birth. It then goes without saying that it is so important that women take proper care of their oral health, and most especially so if they are expecting.

While you’re brushing your teeth, if you notice signs of swelling or redness or if your gums start to bleed, make sure you see a dentist as soon as possible. Search online to find our location nearest you and be treated by an experienced Cottonwood Heights Dentist that you can trust. Remember that in many cases, tooth and gum damage resulting from tartar and plaque buildup can be healed and fully treated with regular professional treatment and preventative care. Call our office to get an appointment with your Cottonwood Heights dentist today and ask about how to best protect your oral and overall health as well as decreasing your chance of severe illness or infection from gum disease.

Improve Your Smile in 2018

2018 has arrived in full swing, and a lot of people are making sure to stick with the resolutions they started with and improve their lives this year. Although getting organized and losing weight are great resolutions, one that is often underestimated is to get a healthier and better smile. Ensuring that you have the best oral health will also improve the health of your body as a whole. In 2018, maybe it’s time for you to be a better and healthier version of yourself? Call the office to book an appointment with one of our expert, Cottonwood Heights dentists as a quick and easy way to start pursuing this resolution today.

It’s recommended by dentists that you come in every six months for a visit and a professional cleaning. You may not now that in a typical checkup, the dentist will perform a screening for oral cancer and also look for signs of periodontitis (gum disease), and treat any early signs found immediately. Your dentist will examine every tooth in your mouth to check for decay, cavities, cracks or any other damage. Sometimes your dentist will take X-ray imaging of your entire mouth to be sure there aren’t any issues lurking beneath the surface.