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Why Professional Teeth Whitening Procedures Are Better Than OTC Aids?


Numerous teeth whitening brands and promos took the shelves of most local stores in the recent years as shown on tv commercials every night. However, these products also came with shortcomings when stories about unhappy consumers that bought a whitening product that failed to provide an impressive result surfaced. Based on the result of a consumer survey, an average consumer spends between $200 to $300 every year on teeth whitening products that can be purchased over the counter, yet still not satisfied with the result.

Teeth whitening is one of the most widely-used treatments in cosmetic dentistry. However, the instant result will depend on several factors. Nevertheless, in-office whitening has been considered the safest way to improve your smile. So if you fancy about having a set of stain-free teeth, try this type of treatment offered by the cosmetic dentistry in Holladay Utah.

Cosmetic dentistry in Holladay understands how dental issues can affect your social, professional, and even personal relationships. That said, seek only the most reliable teeth whitening procedure, including the gel whitening products recommended by only the professional dental practitioners.

Offers Stronger, More Complete Whitening

For those who prefer that feeling of an expert cleaning over the common dental hygiene practice of using a toothbrush and a toothpaste, this is definitely noticeable. In fact, they are aware that each whitening session at the dental office provides them with a whiter and better result. But to deal with a moderate to severe discoloration or stain and for a more complete whitening, professional teeth whitening treatment can beat any over-the-counter product, which potency addresses only the light stains.

Improves Self Confidence

Self-confidence is vital in our daily lives. Some people get this confidence from their smile and the good impression its give to others. Naturally, having stained teeth would make people feel less confident when smiling, talking to others, and especially when taking photos. But with a whiter set of teeth, all these will suddenly change as they will find a new reason to go out, have fun, be more professional, and be more confident.

Based on research, our smile has a huge part in how others see us upon first meeting. Because a smile can show white teeth, and first impressions last, there is a greater chance of making a good, lasting impression than those with stained teeth.

Offers More Comfortable and Safer Remedy

Teeth whitening products that are sold over the counter may cause serious damage to the gum tissue in the mouth. Such can be painful and make the teeth become sensitive to some food and drinks. But with a professional teeth whitening treatment, you get a safer and more comfortable remedy, which only an expert in this type of procedure can offer, closely checking the progress throughout the whole process. In addition, the concentration and amount of the whitening agent could be adjusted to ensure that your gums and mouth are protected. Also, you get to have instructions on how to properly care for your teeth, including how to prevent tooth sensitivity.

For a fast teeth whitening treatment, trust only a professional who can provide you with a beautiful smile even for just an hour. There’s no need for a series of sessions that other whitening methods require. You also get more reliable results and long-lasting home maintenance care for a very reasonable price.