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For Your Kid’s Oral Health, You Can Always Trust a Pediatric Dentist


When you are looking for a dentist for your family to visit, you may wonder if you need to be looking for a pediatric professional for your kids or if going to a general family dentist is enough. These are a few different factors to consider when you are trying to make the right decision about the care of your family’s teeth and gums.

Pediatric Dentist

What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?

A pediatric dentist is a professional who has completed a specialization program in children’s teeth. The ages that a dental professional such as this treats is from infancy through the teenage years, and the pediatric dentist may have spent another two to three years in school learning more about the specific care of children’s teeth. Children have unique teeth issues because of their growth and development as well as because of their loss of baby teeth and the eruption of adult teeth.

Do You Need a Pediatric Dentist?

General family dental professionals also can care for your children’s teeth. They may have years of experience in the field with children, but they have not completed the additional specialization program that is focused on children. With this in mind, some people may feel more comfortable if their children are cared for by a pediatric dentist.

Others may prefer to take their entire family to a single professional, such as a general family doctor. A specialist may be needed, however, if your children have specific oral health issues, if they have a fear of the dentist or if other issues make it necessary for a specialist to provide oral healthcare services to the kids.

It All Depends on Your Preference

In many cases, the decision about whether to use a pediatric or family dentist is one based on your personal preference. However, in some cases, it may be better if your children are cared for by a pediatric dentist with additional training and education rather than by a family dentist. As you make your decision, consider meeting with a dentist in Salt Lake City, like those from Village Dental Family & Kids Dentist, to learn more.

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