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Top 3 Best Endodontics in Holladay

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All endodontists are dentists. However few dentists are endodontists.

Practicing endodontists spent another few more years in dental school for a more specialized training. Specifically, they specialize in saving diseased teeth through endodontic procedures and treatment. Aside from diagnosing tooth pain, Endodontists can perform root canal procedures and other tooth interior-related treatments.

Many of these teeth-remedial procedures entail the precise expertise of a specialist or a veteran endodontist for a safer and much reliable result. In Utah alone, there are already several endodontists offering this kind of services. But with such a number of choices, it is important to pick the best in the market. Thus, we have picked out the three best endodontics service providers in Holladay, Utah.

  1. Dental Village

For over 50 years, Dental Village has been responsible for the Holladay community’s healthy and pain-free teeth. Their veteran endodontist, Dr. Michael G. Rasch, DDS has trained a strong team of tooth pain specialists. Having served for decades in the community, the local dental clinic has garnered a five-star rating from most of their patrons who have been with them for over 15 years. They provide family dentistry, anesthesia services, and endodontics, among others.

  1. Holladay Dental Excellence

For over 30 years, Holladay Dental Excellence has been providing advanced dental services in Salt Lake City, Utah, extending warm and caring accommodations to their patients through Dr. Val Ludlow’s, DDS, dental expertise. A well-trained dentist who is highly educated in the field, he is dedicated to every patient’s dental well being.

  1. Oral Design Dental

Aside from providing traditional dentistry services to patients, Oral Design Dental also practice cosmetic design and root canal treatment. They provide all-in-one services such as dental office and lab, and even oral surgery clinic.

Their dental professionals use apex locating tools, digital x-rays, as well as a panoramic x-ray device for the root canal treatment providing convenience and a painless experience for patients, totally eradicating in their minds any fear from the procedure.


3 Cases When Endodontics Is A Must


Endodontic treatment is often called the root canal procedure. The procedure can either be a single treatment to repair a damaged tooth due to infection or it can be a series of treatment therapies. The procedure starts with cleaning the tooth where tooth pulp will be cleared away from the roots caused by the infection. When the swelling subsides after a few days from the procedure, the patient is expected to feel pain at different levels.

If you believe that the tooth pain is more than you can take, imagine having it for a few days without a hint of going away. When the pain is unusually severe with gum tenderness, you may be requiring a root canal procedure or endodontic treatment. Endodontics treatment from dental professionals is the most preferred way of keeping a natural smile rather than extracting a damaged tooth. It is a procedure which does not include tooth extraction; only getting rid of the cause of pain.

So, how exactly would you know when this treatment is necessary? Take a close look at these signs to help you determine whether you require endodontic treatment or not.

Severe case of tooth decay.

Tooth decay is a common dental problem; however, when it already includes foul odor and unpleasant taste, you are a candidate for root canal procedure. In most cases, tooth decay affects the top portion or the crown of the tooth, while in the most severe cases are characterized by a damage extended to the root creating an abscess in the bottom area.

Nerve exposure is obvious.

When the nerve of your tooth is already exposed, you need an endodontic treatment. There are different reasons why the nerve gets exposed. It could be due to tooth trauma, which has damaged the tooth so much leaving the nerve exposed. During endodontic treatment, the dentist will treat the area where the nerve is exposed. After the treatment, the tooth is completely functional, but it will not feel cold or hot anymore. The patient though will never feel any pain again.

Induced pain all the time.

Are you experiencing pain from either chewing or pressing both upper and lower teeth together? The pain from pressure is an indication that you need a root canal procedure. Remember, it is not normal to feel any pain from eating. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to have the situation evaluated and get an endodontic treatment.

How much does it cost?

It may not cost the same as your ordinary dental treatment, but the endodontic procedure provides a better deal compared to tooth extraction which can cause malocclusion. It can also lead to misaligned teeth and worse, chewing difficulties. In root canal, the tooth is saved to preserve your natural smile without any more pain. It is important to have it done by endodontics professionals though to avoid health risks. After the procedure, antibiotics will be prescribed and has to be finished to prevent infections. Once completely healed, restoration will follow to replace the crown of the tooth.