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Dentist In Holladay, Sugarhouse DentistVillage Dental: Quality Family Dentistry in Holladay, Utah

If you’re in search of the perfect Holladay dental clinic for your family that will provide a comfortable and caring environment every time you visit, then Village Dental is the place you’re looking for! At Village Dental you’ll meet your experienced Dentist in Holladay, Ut, Dr. Raschad. Our team has the unified goal of taking care of your family’s dental needs and goals so that everyone in the family can flash those pearly whites with confidence. We’re committed to serving our clients with top notch, comprehensive dental care including expert pediatric care as well as teen and adult dentistry. We guarantee you’ll have the best possible experience here; call today if you’re looking for a Dentist in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, a dentist in Holladay, or a dentist in Murray.

Village Dental Is Named the Family Dentist of Choice

Those seeking a Holladay dentist or a Sugarhouse dentist, come to Village Dental as their family dentist of choice due to the quality of care found in our clinic. Our friendly, well-trained and experienced staff stands ready to assist you in reaching your optimum oral health. Our services are strategically designed to make sure you and your family’s teeth are maintained in the best possible condition. We have over 50 years of dentistry experience to assure you that you’re in very capable hands.

Family Dental Care

— Excellent Oral Health for the Entire Family

Appropriate oral health goes beyond simply flossing and brushing; keeping your mouth health is also an important factor in your general well-being and physical health. Not only does proper oral health prevent tooth loss, decay, bad breath and gum disease but it also has been proven to help prevent more serious issues like dementia, respiratory infections and cardiovascular complications. We take pride in our dental care which we are able to offer comprehensively including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and dental surgery of all kinds.

So call today to schedule your first appointment with your new Cottonwood Heights dentist or Holladay, UT dentist; why wait any longer to improve your smile and oral health?

Village Dental: The Perfect Family Dental Clinic

Read below for a list of the many procedures you can schedule at our state of the art dental facility at Village Dental:

Family Dentistry–we are able to provide complete care to children and teens of all ages as well as adults.

Preventative Dentistry— this is such a crucial component of our care philosophy as it saves our clients from the issues of gum disease and other side effects from poor oral health. We focus this aspect of our dentistry on preventing all forms of mouth disease.

Cosmetic Dentistry— we are pleased to offer a variety of options for improving the look of your smile, including:

Tooth replacement

Teeth whitening

Porcelain veneers

Restorative Dental Procedures–this aspect of our service is to help teeth maintain their usual look and function without any painful side effects. Some of the procedures that fall under this category include:

White fillings

Crowns, crown replacement

Dental implants

Anesthesia Options–a no-stress and painless procedure and general experience is what we promise when we deliver either or both of the following:

Iv sedation (meaning it is done intravenously with a needle)

Oral sedation (which is localized to the area that will be affected.

Root Canal Treatment

Tooth Extraction

Cold Sore Treatment

Emergency Dental Services

Oral Surgery

Now is the time to bring your whole family to Village Dental and receive the personalized car you and your whole family deserve. We promise to treat you like family and help you and your family reach your goals so that you’ll all flash bright, cheerful smiles with confidence.

Call today at 801-277-1916 and schedule your appointment at Village Dental now!